Living Abroad: Questions and Answers


For expats, the anticipation of living in a new country involves hopeful dreams of what it could be like. all of us want this new experience to be fulfilling and exciting.

But what happens when the reality of living abroad is not what we expected? The shock of realizing that our new life falls short of what we had anticipated can raise serious doubts in our mind. Our confidence in the future is undermined, especially while dealing with unexpected, difficult challenges. Self-doubt sets in and our stress level grows: things may even get worse. Over time these fears develop into states of anxiety, overwhelm, and even depression.

Dr. Bennett can help.

Dr. Bennett is an expat, and his personal experience is helpful. If you have concerns, ask your questions and he will provide useful answers. Below are some of the more common sources of distress for expats in Cuenca:

  • To gain hope.
  • To find purpose and joy.
  • To have more restful sleep.
  • To increase overall level of functioning.
  • To recover lost energy, increase focus.
  • To replace something (medications, dependency, negativity) with better mind-brain functioning.
  • To free the unconscious mind from automatic habits.
  • To reduce anxiety level, sadness, depression.
  • To meditate and pray more effectively.
  • To learn Spanish easier.

Dr. Bennett has been a counseling psychologist for over 50 years in The United States, Australia, and Ecuador. He is the author of two books: The Ascension Perspective: Rise above the chaos of life, and Too much, Too Little, Just right: Manifest your potential and power on the middle path.

He was voted “Best Mental Health Therapist in Cuenca, 2017” and has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a doctorate in developmental psychology, and certification in Brainwave Optimization and EMDR. Using powerful counseling methods along with Brainwave Optimization, he helps expats overcome their fears and achieve their goals: a purposeful life in Ecuador.

You can contact him any time for an appointment at

Please send your mail with any question you might have to Dr. Bennett! 

Contact information:

Dr. Kelly Bennett

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