Looking for a more relaxed, stress free ‘trivia event’? Then join us at Cuenca Creator’s Co-Op!


Let’s get together and see what we know about FOOD!

Sit back and enjoy the conversation. Questions are meant to inspire conversation, not debate.

So clear the ‘fog’ from your brain and join us, Monday, September 26th, at 1PM for some snacks and coffee from our vendors – and some great conversation.   This week, we are discussing food! I know, strange.. but the questions are really quite interesting!  Again, some questions easy.. a few hard… but all guaranteed to make you “think” 😉

Come meet some new people, take the chance to hang out and get to know each other! If nothing else, you may ‘win’ a few new friends… or our Trivia ‘prize’ (winner determined by ‘draw’)!

If you want more than ‘snacks’… You can enjoy lunch at Sunrise Cafe – during the fun and receive a discount off your meal!

The Daily Special at Sunrise Cafe on Monday
An amazing Chicken tortilla soup, followed by a Fried Chicken sandwich with your choice of potato salad or French fries, a drink, and then topped off with a fabulous dessert! Regularly $6.50 – if you participate in the event you get this beautiful lunch for $6.00!! (and trust me.. his lunches are fabulous!)

Contact information:

Cuenca Creators


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