The 170 sq meters apartment is bi level, 4 m high ceilings, 30 sq. meters terrace. The view from the terrace, on the city of Cuenca below and the Cajas around, will take your breath away. On the first level the apartment has 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, huge living room. On the 2nd level there is a balcony leading to a small bedroom with skylight. The apartment is fully furnished. The $15 cleaning service is available. A covered parking spot available for at no extra charge. One well-behaved pet is admitted, extra deposit required. The apartment is in a wonderful and very well built 2.5-year-old house with a perfect green backyard designated for the use of all tenants. The apartment is at the top floor – 2.5 flights of stairs. The house is located a couple of blocks from the University of Azuay, in one of the best and most expensive Cuenca barrios. It is 1.5 blocks from the Yanuncay river park. Very safe! Walk to El Centro in 30 minutes. To SuperMaxi El Vergel in 20 minutes, or take a $1.50 cab ride. Available now through June 15. $800/mo (the comparable properties rent at $1000 -1200/mo). Ideal for your exploratory visit to Cuenca. Owner Sra Raquel Baquerizo: 098 714 1925, Land line: 288 6749. Spanish only

Name: Raquel Baquerizo
Phone: 0987141925
  • Mac Greenfield

    Taking photos at night isn’t productive in marketing your property. People want to see the front of the apartment, the neighborhood and views. Asking $800 is too high a price for what is shown. It doesn’t create enough curiosity to phone you. Try again.

  • Jackson Baily

    The price is $1000!!!!! a month. Outrageous!! Greedy!!

    • Idea

      Do you have problems with reading? The price is $800/mo

  • Idea

    I have seen this apartment – truly gorgeoous and very big. If it were for a long-term rent, one could easily negotiate it, as negotiation is always expected in Ecuador. For a temporary rent, FOR THIS apartment, in THIS area, $800/mo is more than fair. It is a bit less than $27/day

  • Idea

    Well, if you are looking for a temporary apartment, you should come and have a look. Yes, pictures could have been much better. But, if you ever looked for an apartment in Cuenca, you must have seen many wonderful pictures that had little to do with rentals themselves. we have had this experience, more than once