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Maggy needs your help

Feb 11, 2019 |

I have a friend who needs help. Maggy, whom some of you may know, is a beautician who has run into some trouble. While attempting to run her business, and caring for her nephew, she says some of her clients have left her. Her nephew has medical problems and the cost is high. She is behind in her rent and now her landlord told her that she must move out immediately as he wants to sell the house. She needs at least last month’s rent ($400), plus enough to get resettled in a new home with the baby and her small dog. Also, any suggestions as to a good, inexpensive apartment or house.
If you are willing to help her, please text or email me and I will send you her contact information.

Maggy says “Thank you and God Bless”

Name: Mary Byerly
Phone: 5930990123256