New Expat Business Center


Finally you can perform all your paperwork in one place. We are certified professionals whose mission is: Provide support and integral attention to the foreigner residing in Ecuador to integrate it in a satisfactory way to the Ecuadorian community. Our Mission: To become the leading company in attention to foreigners residing in Ecuador.


Visa and Personal Documents:
– Visa Services
– Getting Permanent and temporary visa
– Citizenship (if you have more than 3 years as a permanent residency).
– Visa renewal
– Changing type of visa: from temporary to permanent
– Visa transfer: Transferring visa to new passport

Acquisition of cedula
– Obtaining Cedula for first time
– Cedula renewal for loss or expiration (only permanent residents can replace lost cedula)
Basic services:

Hiring Services:
– Internet, cellular telephony, cable television
– Opening of Bank Accounts and Deposit Certificates

Vehicle registration and taxes:
– Obtaining Matricula
– VAT refund
– Payment of taxes to SRI

Real Estate
– Find the property that best suits your lifestyle.
– Purchase and sale of properties
– Find the best property or land to invest / sell your property or land at the best market price.

We have our own Translation Center.
– Birth certificates
– Marriage certificates
– FBI reports
– State background checks
– Pension reports
– Wills

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