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Due to a massive landslide in Cuenca, Llacao, the Cuenca Walk/Hike/Run for Antony has been moved to San Juoquin along a beautiful 10K stretch of the Yanuncay River, beginning at the terminus of bus line 19 at the Cuenca Golf & Tennis Club.
All proceeds go directly to fund a high-performance prosthetic for 15-yr-old Antony who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident last year. Antony’s prosthetic will allow him to resume his life as an active young person, go on to college (the first in his family), and follow his dreams wherever they might lead.
The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) promotes this and other events in South America to fund its work developing and providing high-mobility prosthetics to underserved populations. To see what ROMP does, go to:
Join us in supporting Antony! Either REGISTER for $40 to join the Walk/Hike/Run, get your event T-shirt and swag; and meet our friend Antony! Optional lunch or brew along the route at La Olla de Barro! Or make a DONATION from $10; Both options online at: (Link uses old name, but links to event at new location.)
For more information and event details, includin

Name: Ken
Phone: 0993735719