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This is the place to solve any problem that results from the malfunctioning of a new product or dissatisfaction with a service. Usually it takes one week to get your money back or a new product. It works. My Ecuadorian clients and friends have made me aware of this service that they use when a product fails, or they receive unsatisfactory service from a professional such as a dentist etc.

Dirección: Av. Gran Colombia 22-192 y Calle Eduardo Crespo Malo (sector zona rosa) Edificio Cordero 2do piso (altos de Fybeca)

Teléfono: (07) 284 0568 – 2835 988.
Coordinador General Defensorial Zonal 6: Jorge Valdivieso Correo Electrónico: Cuenca.


Name: Sky Rajewski
Phone: 099 866 0379