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We are your quiet neighbors here in Cuenca who have owned a local rose business for over 30 years. We sell over 9 million roses annually through wholesalers world-wide. In the past several years it has been our pleasure to meet and come to know many North Americans who have made Cuenca their home or have come here to visit. We are impressed by your courageous and adventurous spirit and we all love that you are proud of and curious about your new country of residence. We enjoy knowing you.

So – we are going to be a little less quiet. Ecuador Direct Roses, owned by Trebol Roses, sells roses directly from our farm to any location in the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska). We believe the Expat community will have an interest in sending Ecuadorian Roses (known to be the world’s best) to their friends and loved ones in the U.S. Also, those living in the U.S. may have the same interest.

You cannot receive a fresher or more beautiful rose anywhere in the world. We send directly from our farm by FedEx allowing the roses to arrive 5 days after picking. We offer many varieties at different lengths and also an interesting assortment of tinted roses.

To learn more or to shop for roses go to our great web page at We are always here to answer any questions. Call our customer service at: 096.904.1385 (locally) or at 805.259.3039 (toll-free from U.S.) or contact us by email at:

Do you want roses in Cuenca? Call Karla at 096.904.1385 to place orders to be picked up in Cuenca at Plaza del Otorongo where our office is located. Local orders skip the FedEx shipping cost that is included on our website prices.

AND COME VISIT US! We offer guided tours to our family farm. The tour of the farm and hacienda make a great day of fun and education. Book the tour to the farm by calling the customer service number: 096.904.1385.

Name: Ecuador Direct Roses
Phone: 096-904-1385