What people are saying about Sunday Night with Chef Yasu!

“My wife and I had an extraordinary meal on a par with fine dining we have done in New York, Washington, DC, Paris and London (no kidding).”

“The food, in taste and presentation, was the best I have had in Cuenca.”

“The chef was creating art in the kitchen.”

“The waiters, formally dressed for the evening, were attentive and professional. I could have been in any upscale restaurant in a major international city.”

Menu for this week, Sunday August 13th
Seatings at 6:00PM and 7:00PM

* Miso-marinated eggplant tartar, tapioca pearl in basil oil, tomato comfit, avocado mousse & dehydrated cracker

* Fried spring roll with tomato-water citrus dressing

* Pumpkin ginger porridge with sticky yucca gnocchi, double coconut cream & curry oil

* Assortment of Sushi
– Steamed Sea bass roll glazed with soy sauce reduction
– Asparagus & walnut honey mustard roll wrapped in avocado
– Shrimp tempura roll—chili sauce drizzles
– Salmon nigiri (non-raw version available)
– Sorrel flower ginger tea gelee with baby mint
– Banana cream pie deconstructed over naranjilla oat-milk sauce

$30.00pp + IVA
Call to reserve at 098 275 9584 or email thevegetablebar@yahoo.com

Name: Michael
Phone: 098 275 9584
Email: thevegetablebar@yahoo.com

Hi there! Have you ever wanted to show your new home to your family back in the U.S or U.K, but amateur photos and post-cards didn’t feel like they were cutting it? Interested in a professional-looking video for your company? Have you had an event you wanted professionally recorded, but were afraid of not being understood in the details of what you were looking for? Ever dreamt of just making Youtube videos from Cuenca, letting the world know how you felt about any given topic with one of the world’s most beautiful backdrops, but were afraid to be bogged down by technical minutiae?

Ricardo Salcedo Martínez, MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has the audiovisual solution for you. With 4K professional video cameras, cinema lenses and professional Sennheiser and Rhode sound recording equipment, he has the expertise and gear to meet any of your audiovisual needs. Ricardo is a native English speaker, who is a little weirded out writing about himself in the third person like this, but isn’t sure how to end an ad. Call now? Call now!

email: salcedocine@gmail.com
phone U.S (works with Whatsapp): 1 312 536 3588
phone Ecuador: + 593 98 732 4176

my reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqU0SltQAow

Name: Ricardo Salcedo Martínez
Phone: +13125363588
Email: salcedocine@gmail.com

Speaking Spanish is fun and easy.

Aug 8, 2017 |

By studying Spanish at Insticuenca Spanish School you will progress from a basic or creative Spanish to a strategic Spanish. You will fulfill your goal and finally you will be able to communicate using your own, rich Spanish.
That’s why Insticuenca Spanish School offers you a new package for private classes. 1½ hour classes, twice a week, for 3 Weeks. That´s 9 hours total, for only $60($6.61/hour).
Our schedules are flexible. We can help you. This is special price for you.
Address: Liribamba 1-36 y 24 de Mayo (close to beautiful Paraiso Park).

Insticuenca@gmail.com 099 581 3182 or 409 6416 or WhatsApp 593 097 997 5477
Teo or Sandra Pérez

Name: Teo Perez
Phone: 0995813182 / 4096416 whatsApp 5930979975477
Email: Insticuenca@gmail.com

Marc’s Consignment

Aug 8, 2017 |

In Marc’s Consignment you can find all kind of articles, from paintings, furniture, household items, appliances and crockery to electronic devices, jewelry, antiques, ornaments, and more!
Running out of space in your home? Are you moving soon and still haven’t sold all of your stuff? We will help you earn money while we sell for you, those items you can’t keep anymore for any reason. So we will kindly welcome you in our store and perhaps you find those things you’ve been looking for since a while!

We are located in Simón Bolivar and Miguel Heredia in the Corner, two blocks from San Sebastian Park. Ours schedule is from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Thanks for choosing us!
096 849 6409

Name: Marc's Consignment
Phone: 096 849 6409
Email: marcsconsignacion@gmail.com

So many political controversial things happening in Ecuador these days. The political atmosphere is getting warmer, and it almost appears to be the Ecuadorian version of the Netflix series “House of Cards.” With all these plot twists, it looks like it was written by the best writers in Hollywood. Yet here, they’re real.

From leaked tapes to corrupt government employees, and a president in the middle of it all, this masterpiece of corruption is complete.
“La Caleta de los Naipes” is translated as the Ecuadorian word “caleta,” which means house, and “naipes,” which means “deck of cards.” Both of these words are Ecuadorian and are used by most people in every region.

Enjoy this great Ecuadorian production that brings humor into this political situation called “La Caleta de Naipes” in its first season “El Caso de Odebrecht”


Name: Roxi Guerrero
Email: guerrerotita_rox@hotmail.com

Spanish Tapas & $10 wine!

Aug 8, 2017 |

Don’t miss out on our night of Spanish Tapas for $9,50 per person this Saturday – and $10 BOTTLES OF WINE or jugs of sangria for people who book a table in advance!

The tapas menu is made up of four classics to share in your group, for just $9,50 per person:

Albóndigas: Homemade Spanish-style meatballs cooked in a tomato and red wine sauce

Paella mixta: A mixed Spanish paella made with chicken and shrimp

Mejillones: Mussels in white wine and garlic

Patatas bravas: deep-fried chunky fries topped with a lightly spicy tomato sauce

Served with bread.

Don’t miss out on this week’s offer – book in advance via 099-316-5176 (call or WhatsApp), via info@elsaloncuenca.com or via Facebook message.

Name: Xavier Espinosa
Phone: 099-316-5176
Email: info@elsaloncuenca.com

The Regulation on the Human Mobility Law was signed by President Lenin Moreno last August 3rd, and once we have the Regulation on the law, we would like to invite you all who are interested in knowing the changes of this law, The Health Insurance and Household Goods, which will take place at the Chambers of Commerce located at Av. Federico Malo 1-90 and Av. 12 de Abril, front of Parque de La Madre on Thursday, August 24th 2017, at 16h00 p.m.

We will provide important information about this new Regulation on the law that had just been approved and Social Security decisions.

We have been waiting for this law for a long time now and it has had so many changes, as we have stated before, this law has changes in three main visas:

Tourism: 90 days for countries that don’t require a visa to enter Ecuador and 90 days for the people from countries that require visa to enter Ecuador; after an extension of 90 days as tourists, and an addition to complete one year as a tourist, which can only be used each five years.

Temporal Resident Visa: This is a 24-month visa that has 13 migration status that you may use, and it’s renewable once. In case that you want to stay permanently in Ecuador, you are required to use this visa for at least for 21 months.

The observation of Regulation on the law is that whatever type of Temporary Residence visa you apply to, you have the right to get a CEDULA (Ecuadorian ID) for the time your visa was given.

Likewise, for the Investment CD BANK there will be required a bank deposit of 70 minimum wage for 730 days, the currently minimum wage is $375 giving a total of $26.250

The temporary Resident Visa on Real Estate requires a minimum deposit of 80 minimum wage, that is, this year will be for, $30.000

The new law established a Temporary Resident Visa for EXCEPTION, which will be given by the Human Mobility authorities in the following cases:

1. When the foreign has to stay in the Country for reason of force majeure

2. When the applicant has to conduct activities specialized in strategic sectors or projects of national interest, the visa will be extended to spouses and children

3. And other cases that the Human Mobility’s authorities considerate necessary


For the people who enter Ecuador, the law will be required after 180 of published

In Health Insurance , for temporary or permanent residency, the law states that the ones who have a temporary residency, have 30 days after the seal on their visas to get full coverage insurance on either private of public health Insurance, after that, the Immigration Office will provide an order to obtain the cedula.

Also, this is very important- those who have a permanent residency visa, after August 7th, 2017, you will have 90 days to provide the Immigration Office full coverage insurance whether it is private or public.


The Regulation on the Law establish that the Ministry of Interior, has 90 days to collect the penalty charges, but up to this date, there aren’t any penalties charged.


Expats who have entered the country as tourist and have overstayed the 90 days and haven’t request a visa extension, won’t be able to enter the country for 2 years after the leaving date unless they pay two minimum salaries, which for this year is $750


Who enters the country as tourist either for 90 or 180 days and meet the time, would be able to enter the country after 9 months in the first case and six in the second case.

We would love to see you there, information provided by Dra.Lina Ulloa and Associates from Ulloa y Zamora Asesores Ecuador.

If you have a specific case or any questions, please contact us at uz.asesoresecuador@gmail.com, phone: 0984205336, US.

Name: Ulloa & Zamora Asesores
Phone: 4103588
Email: uz.asesoresecuador@gmail.com

Yes it is true. Pho Vietnamita Casa del Fideo (Pho Vietnam House of Noodles) is coming to Cuenca starting this coming Sunday August 13th. Pho Vietnamita is located on the second floor of the Carolina Smokehouse tienda building. Under the talented Chef Rick you will enjoy the traditional Pho Noodle bowls and much much more. This Sunday he will host two seatings one at 1:00 and one at 3:00 pm. Twenty people per seating. Each person will be welcomed with a free Mimosa or fresh squeezed orange juice on this special Grand Opening day!. Enjoy a special menu at amazing prices. Always fresh authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Join Chef Rick for his Grand Opening. Regular hours will start the following week. Call for reservations don’t miss a chance to be the first to enjoy this amazing cuisine. Located across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian at 8-26 Coronel Talbot (second floor of the Carolina Smokehouse tienda), Cuenca.

Name: Julius Torribio
Phone: 0984569199
Email: jcuencaec@gmail.com

Container From US to Cuenca

Aug 7, 2017 |

Looking to share a small portion of a container from the US to Cuenca. My contact information is jenmartin13@yahoo.co, Tel: 097-912-9151.

Name: Jennifer Martin
Phone: 097-912-9151
Email: jenmartin13@yahoo.com

Looking to buy a Freezer

Aug 7, 2017 |

I am looking to buy a used freezer, it can be either a chest or upright. Contact info jenmartin13@yahoo.com or 097-915-9151.

Name: Jennifer Martin
Phone: 097-912-9151
Email: jenmartin13@yahoo.com

Hello everyone,

We have some lovely things at Cuenca Used Furniture this week, so don’t forget to drop in. Also, remember, we are always buying. If you have any living room / dining room furniture, appliances, beds, smaller kitchen items, or miscellaneous items you don’t need anymore, we can take them off your hands and pay you well.

a 55″ Riviera smart TV (just 7 months old) at $650

a luxurious brown double recliner at $700

a quality wood king bed frame with a Splendour luxury mattress at $600

a small to medium size Ecasa chrome fridge at $260

a 15 kg chrome look LG TurboDrum washer at $380

a 16 kg washer by Mabe at just $350

a three draw wood high boy chest (ideal for TV stand) at $125

a four draw wood desk at $125

a computer workstation desk at $50

a three door wood wardrobe at $200

an Indurama chrome dishwasher at:

a 4 burner chrome stove by Mabe at $375

twin beds w / mattresses from $80

“Cuenca Used Furniture”
Edificio Capricornio
Av. 1 de Mayo 3-73 y Carlos V

– We offer same day delivery
– Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11 to 5, and Saturdays, 11 to 2
Facebook/Cuenca-used-furniture for regular updates and photos

Name: Cuenca Used Furniture
Phone: 0979191839
Email: cuencausedfurniture@gmail.com

Hello everyone,

We have some lovely things at Cuenca Used Furniture this week, so don’t forget to drop in. Also, remember, we are always buying. If you have any living room / dining room furniture, appliances, beds, smaller kitchen items, or miscellaneous items you don’t need anymore, we can take them off your hands and pay you well.

Name: Cuenca Used Furniture
Phone: 0979191839
Email: cuencausedfurniture@gmail.com

Hello Everyone!

This is Melissa, the former owner of the Black Olive Bistro, and I just wanted to thank everyone who ordered this past week! I was overwhelmed with the response and I truly appreciate your patronage and hope you all enjoyed your food as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

We are offering 2 specials this week:
#1 – Ham, asparagus, mushroom, and cheese $18.95 (This is 4 – 6 generous servings)
#2 – Old Fashioned Apple Pie $12.00 (This is 6 generous servings)

We have the previous items from last week still available! See complete menu here: https://www.facebook.com/MyLittlePieFactory

If you’d like to enjoy these favorites of yours, we’ll be ready to deliver to your door ($2.00 delivery fee) this coming Sunday evening, from 4 – 6 PM. If you order $20 or more, delivery is FREE!

Please send your orders to me each week BEFORE Friday at 4:00 PM. Send your orders to: melissamaher010@gmail.com

Be sure to include your name, phone number, and complete address (include apartment numbers or any other pertinent information) for delivery in your order email.

Remember: Please send your orders to melissamaher010@gmail.com before Friday at 4PM. Delivery will be the following Sunday between 4 and 6 PM

Name: Melissa
Email: melissamaher010@gmail.com

Do you love juicy homemade burgers? If yes, don’t miss our popular all day burger special this Tuesday, August 8th!

La Cilindrada’s burgers have been called the ‘Best in Cuenca’. Chef Michael (Lima Cordon Bleu Acadaemy Chef), invites you to stop in for this special promotion featuring La Cilindrada’s juicy burgers with homemade fries at a special price of 2 for $10.

La Cilindrada is located at Roberto Crespo 3-47 ( Roberto Crespo between Luis Moreno Mora and Alfonso Cordero). Indoor and patio seating available, along with on street parking.

Hope to see you this Tuesday!

Name: La Cilindrada
Email: maryhellman@juno.com

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at The Vegetable Bar’s Artesans’ Bazaar on Saturday. We enjoyed seeing you, meeting you, and truly appreciate your support and patronage.

As a reminder, we are on vacation this week and will post our next menu on August 13, for delivery on August 20. Enjoy the week with the 10 de Agosto Independence Day Holiday. A sneak peek into our menu upon our return – Lamb Korma.

We will return from vacation in time for the next bazaar, this time on Saturday, August 12, at the Santa Canela Bar & Grill, Calle Larga 3-82 y Vargas Machuca. Nila will join us with her creations as well. The bazaar runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Please stop by to try, buy, or just hang out. We’d love to see you there!

Name: Anha Purna
Phone: 095-899-5126
Email: anhapurna@gmail.com

Paiche Is High In Omega 3’s

Aug 6, 2017 |

Tuesday you can buy the 200 gram paiche at the 150 gram price. And buy 3 and get the 4th one free.

The usual suspects will also be available for purchase

Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Organic Tilapia, Smoked Trout, Scallops and Organic Shrimp.

Sunrise Cafe 10:30 – 1:00 pm

Name: Lenny Charnoff
Phone: 099 122 1238
Email: graygeek@gmail.com

Beatifull semi furnished duplex apartament near Yanuncay River and Universidad del Azuay, 10 minutes from centro by taxi, or 20-25 minutes walking.
Three beddorooms, 2 complete bathrooms. It inlcudes wáter, electricity, washer machine.

Price $750, small pets are allowed.

Im the owner, call 0999855167

Name: Guillermo
Phone: 0999855167
Email: gcb18@hotmail.com

Happy Monday! I would like to offer my Flavors of India Soup for next Saturday, August 12 at 11:00 AM. This soup has lentils, chicken, tomato, spinach, rice, curry, ginger, and coconut milk. I will also offer a yogurt raita to go with it. The soup will be sold in liter containers at $4.00 each. Please let me know upon ordering if you would like the sauce. I am also making cookies for next weekend, both ginger white chocolate and peanut butter milk chocolate chunk cookies. These will be sold by the dozen. Please email me directly to place your order. Have a great week!

Name: Michelle
Phone: 0968646378
Email: michelle@popacuchu.com

We are pleased to announce the successful return to El Centro of the GRAN ROCA Wednesday Farm Fresh Weekly Market. If you missed us, we will be there again this coming Wednesday, August 9th, from 2-3:30 at Filippo on Benigno Malo across from Parque Calderon. Our friends at Filippo have offered a better setup for this coming week so that we are able to provide faster service.

We again received multiple Emails telling us how great both our chickens and produce are. Thank you, as we continue our commitment to produce the best food ever.

This Week’s Fresh Market Produce:

Fruits: Our Special Bananas, Strawberries (Limited), Lemons
Tomatoes: Heirloom Tomatoes (Limited), Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Eggplant, Green and Red Peppers, Hot Peppers
Cucurbits: Cucumbers, Zucchini (limited)
Brassicas: Green Cabbage, Curly and Dinosaur Kale
Roots: Harvest Potatoes
Beans: Fresh Black Beans (no soaking)
Greens: Lettuce (multiple heirloom varieties)
Fresh Herbs: including Real Peppermint, Cilantro, Green Onions, Garlic Chives, Basil, Horseradish

Please email us if you are looking for a quantity of an item or if you would like something not listed above. For example, we have a large variety of herbs we bring only upon request.

Name: Rob Gray
Email: rob@granroca.net