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I help people find good, cheap places to live. I know that a lot of expats here in Cuenca are on very limited budgets and desperately need a low cost place to live, as well as cheap furniture and appliances. Well, I can save you many hundreds, if not thousands a year. If you feel like you are getting “gringoed” (or jacked) on your rent, you owe it to yourself to give you a yell. I can help you—my team can speak 6 language—so we can assist basically everybody (not all expats are fluent with English or Spanish).

I know that a lot of people arrive here frazzled, exhausted, and just wanting a secure place to live. Although some folks may have different perspectives, many way overpay by getting furnished places to live for the long term.While this might be a great strategy for a few months while you get settled, you very well could be needlessly spending $2000-$4000 extra dollars a year. I can get you guys super-duper cheap appliance and furniture.

This could easily cover your food budget or health insurance, or just mean the difference between living a middle class life style here and just scraping by. Hell, a lot of us did that already back home—why do we want to struggle again here?

All the properties that I find for my clients, are ones that I would live in myself. So I find the good deals, I usually talk the owners down 10 to 30%, and I make sure that everything is secure and that the plumbing and lights work. This is something that is sometimes a challenge even in more expensive, so-called modern properties. I also carefully screen the personalities of the landlords, so that no “crazy” problems arise later!

I am talking saving a lot of money. A boatload of dinero!

So I guess this is about all I want to talk about today. I know a lot of folks here have very limited incomes, and I feel really good about the work I do to help people out! Contact me today!

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Mary Wingo

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