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Hi there! Thanks to all those folks who bought soup last Saturday. I hope you enjoyed it!
For those who missed out last time, or who simply want more, I would like to offer Florentines next Saturday, July 22 in the following flavors:
Original Almond
Cracked Black Pepper and Vanilla
Sea Salt
I have also invented a new sweet treat I call Mieliflores: a honey-based caramel-like candy dipped in rich dark chocolate and available next Saturday in the following flavors:
Apricot Cherry Toasted Almond
Pineapple Coconut
and for the adventurous………Peanut Smoky Pepper Coriander
The Florentines are $1.50 each, and the Mieliflores are $1.00 a piece. Minimum order is 12 pieces, but feel free to mix and match candies and flavors. Please email me directly to place your order, and we will arrange a pick-up time. Thanks!

Name: Michelle
Phone: 0968646378