Inspection and building/carpentry services for Apartments, Condominiums, Houses for renters or buyers
Soil analyses for building a single structure . All inspections include pictures of problems, possible solution of the problems, a written hard copy report. Inspections include electrical, plumbing, structural, flooring, windows, doors, and any other issues the renter/buyer may wish to have looked into. In case of soil analyses the methodology will be explained in the report .

Apprenticed Journeyman European and North American trained, with 21 years of experience in the following;
Engineering and Architectural ( including seismic ) 5 years, Carpentry/building ( 21 years )
Building designer homes with custom interior finishing. Custom circular stair case ( including a Dancing Winder ) flooring, ceilings, roofing, electrical, plumbing, walls, custom designed kitchen with existing space.

Resident in Cuenca for 6 years with Cedula/RUC/ Facturas. Having lived here for this amount of time I have contacts with local Architects and contractors. References are available, photos, as well as visual inspection.

For building projects small and large or inspections contact Axel at

Name: Sky
Phone: 0998660379