Living here in Cuenca means you’ve either rented a place or bought a place. Or, you’re still in the process of doing either.

But do you know all the legal pitfalls? For example, has your lease been Notarized and filed with the Municipio? Or is that land you’re looking to buy patrimonial? If so, what does it mean for you? Or has your deed been properly registered?

These and many questions relate to issues that are completely different than what most North Americans are used to in their real estate transactions.

That’s why you need to attend this seminar to be conducted by Dra. Andrea Jaramillo, one of Cuenca’s most trusted lawyers and Veronica Apri, from CuencasBestPropereties, one of the most popular real estate companies with ex-pats.

The seminar will cover issues relating to both the purchase or rental of real estate and the legal issues before and after any purchase.

Date: Thursday, February 2nd, from 9:00AM to 11:00AM at The Vegetable Bar (3 de Noviembre y Jacaranda)

Seating is limited to 65 people. RSVP required.

For reservations contact: Michael at 0989358169

Name: Michael
Phone: 0989358169
  • Dan

    The problem here, Michael, is that you’re promoting a single attorney and a single real estate agent (whose rep is less than sterling). A serious public service would include a panel of more than one atty and agent. My suggestion: stick with veggie burgers.

    • Donald

      There is no obligation to use either the lawyer or the real estate agent. Why don’t you suggest other lawyers and other real estate agents for next time. In the interim, listen, learn, seek other opinions and lose the attitude.

  • Zenbee

    The seminar topic is excellent & much needed, but a panel discussion, or a regular series with different speakers would offer a better service to your patrons.

  • KeithB

    I agree with the other comments. This appears to be simply an advertisement for a lawyer and real estate agent presented under the guise of a public service. Why don’t you make it a discussion with several attorneys and agents?

    • Donald

      Having a presentation with people in the business who are obviously hoping to get your business is neither unusual nor unreasonable. If you don’t want to utilize their services, don’t.

  • Michael

    Folks, I appreciate your comments. However, this is the FIRST effort as this kind of thing and these are two people I have worked with and TRUST.

    I have also worked with several other agents and lawyers who I DO NOT trust. So I certainly wouldn’t have them on a panel in my restaurant.

    We will continue to do more seminars on a variety of topics. And we will continue to not charge for them. We will try to improve each time. And we will try to get as many professionals to participate as possible.

    Obviously these people will hope the attendees will think of them when they need a real estate agent or lawyer. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t using their free time to provide much needed information.

    So Dan, there really is no need for your rude comment (“My suggestion: stick with veggie burgers”). We have all sorts of events here for the enjoyment of our customers. And no one has ever left here feeling they were taken advantage of.

    The internet makes it easy to anonymously insult people, but that doesn’t make it right.


  • Mike

    Rather than criticizing Michael for doing this, I think we should be thanking him for the effort! While there are advantages for a panel style seminar at least he has taken the time to put together this to fill a void. I didn’t see any requirements to use either the attorney or real estate agent doing this seminar. I think both of these speakers have the experience and credentials to give us all valuable insight over the issues. Thank you Michael for putting this together.

    • Chuck

      Given the natural inclination of people to conveniently trust someone that presents him/her selve as someone with serious insider knowledge, and, the info is exhibited as the only rational choice….it could be interpreted as gratis advertising, if no caveats are mentioned to consider other choices….cheers

  • Loren Lowe

    While I appreciate the effort and intentions, it is ill conceived. It is a mistake (in my opinion) for both you and the attendees. You are essentially promoting a specific lawyer and agent. This makes you culpable for any issues in the future. Also, because you had a good experience doesn’t mean others have also. It is bad for attendees because they are being presented “experts” but they have no choices or options to bounce questions off of. The cardinal rule of these sorts of things is to have potential opposing views and experiences. As you can see from the comments, it is coming off as you are promoting your personal buddies and using your popularity to do it. That erodes trust and is pretty transparent. I really doubt you intended that, but it certainly is the impression. Is it possible to bring in others? I am sure there are others on Gringo Post in the recommendations. 3 or 4 would make it even handed and an asset.

  • Elisab

    Amen..I am very familiar with this attorney. I agree with Dan.