Saraguro Day-Trip

Apr 20, 2017 |

This Sunday, April 23rd we have a special offer for you! We are heading to Saraguro. Saraguro is home to an indigenous group who maintains many of its original traditions and ways of life. You will visit the community of Gera. In the laid back atmosphere you interact with the community and see their agricultural cultivations. One if them is the Penco, a Agave, from which they make a Tequila-like drink. You will learn how they collect the liquid of the plant and get to know the different steps of the Tequila production. For lunch you have traditional food in the community and can taste the Tequila. In the afternoon you will visit a viewpoint where you can enjoy the natural scenery. There will be time to take a look at the local handicrafts before you will go on to a cave and a waterfall and then return to Cuenca. The trip will start around 8.30 a.m. and you will be back late afternoon. The cost is $ 75 per Person including transport, english speaking guide & lunch. Come to the office today our tomorrow to book! As of now you can also pay with credit card! See you!

Name: Arutam Ecotours