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sell stevia in drops

Jul 11, 2018 |

Caring for our health begins with our food choices.

Sugar is a food additive that seems innocuous but that, in reality, causes our bodies to remove calcium and other minerals from our bones in order to metabolize it.

Stevia Rusky drops can help you to avoid sugar-related health problems while still indulging your sweet tooth!

Stevia is a plant native to South America, with naturally sweet leaves which are the source of liquid stevia extract. In addition to acting as a natural and safe non-caloric sugar alternative, Stevia Rusky drops can be used:

* As a mouthwash
* As a fungicide
* For curbing food cravings
* For lessening the appearance of wrinkles and age spots caused by excessive sugar consumption

For more information or to request delivery direct to your door, please contact Luigi and Valeria Lena, authorized vendors of Stevia Rusky.

0969660838 (WhatsApp)

125 ml bottle: $5.00
250 ml bottle: $10.00

Phone: 0969660838