Southeast Asian Cuisine “spiced the way you like”


What’s cooking with Rey this week? Make Fathers Day Extra Special This Year!

Quack! Quack! Quack! I just purchased some beautiful fat ducks and they’re going on the menu. Basted and slow roasted in my oyster and honey sauce, Yummy! A rare treat. See my website for details.

#1. Sticky & Sweet Hot Chicken: Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with garlic, honey chilies and lemongrass
#2. Sticky & Sweet Hot Shrimp: Medium sized shrimp sauteed with garlic, honey, chilies and lemongrass
#9S. Sticky & Sweet Hot Duck: Tender pieces of Muscovy duck sauteed with garlic, honey chilies and lemongrass.
#3. Lok Lak Beef Tenderloin: Premium cuts of beef tenderloin (8oz) cooked in a garlic red chili sauce.
#5. Pineapple Chicken: Tender pieces of chicken and pineapple delicately sauteed in a chilies and garlic sauce
#8 Sauteed Chicken with Rice Noodles: Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with four different vegetables in olive oil, garlic, ginger, chilies and premium rice noodles.

Go to my website to see the entire menu this week.

Customer comments

Luisa Nelson
Thank you for making my birthday so special and memorable. My sea bass was delicious from beginning to end! The dessert absolutely grand and the special drink was out of this world! To top it off, you were both two of the most welcoming and friendly hosts. Muchisimas gracias.

Cindy Benson
Oh.. my…my…my… let’s talk about Cooking with Rey! An authentic eating experience of Cambodian Southeast Asian food prepared with such attention; you can taste the love! Seriously! Rey and her husband, Joe, have opened up their home and the invitation to come in and participate in a first-rate dining experience is beyond comprehension. Try it, it’s highly likely you will return again and again.

I had the pleasure of having a meal yesterday with Rey (sweet/spicy chicken – entrée). I have never eaten Cambodian food before. It was the best meal I’ve had in Ecuador during the 8 years I have lived here. Amazing experience, not to be missed.

Jennifer Hunter:
This is a unique experience that adds something special and unparalleled in dining choices in Cuenca. I loved every hour I was in the space – last night, in fact, at the very table shown above. The food was exceptional and Rey & Joe were the perfect hosts – attentive, conscious, and respectful. Just try it one time, and I know you’ll want to share the experience with your friends and return again and again.

The food is outstanding and I highly recommend it. Ambiance is very nice with very nice lighting and great mood music. Treat yourself and you will be back!

Chef Rey and Joe are such fabulous hosts! I went alone the first time for lunch and had the swordfish. Had to share the experience with mu hubby, as it was so good! They made us feel welcomed and accommodated by his dietary restrictions as a celiac, while I got to enjoy Chef Ray’s wonderful food once again. And I got to eat his egg roll, LOL

The place is beautifully lovely and the atmosphere very welcoming. Both times met some nice people in the dining room.
This time I had the salmon. Also try the fried rice. Found it to have a very nice soft delightful flavor.
We will definitely be back!

Thank you so much for the kind words. I look forward to seeing you and those that have not tried my Southeast Asian Cuisine very soon.
Chef Sreymom

June 16 – 19th, from 1 to 8 PM, San Sebastian Park near the Museum of Modern Art

Sreymom: 099 544 3977


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