Buy Roses Directly From Our Local Farm, Sent to Any Address in the U.S. – And Locals, Check Out the Farm Tour.


Ecuador Direct Roses is the only rose farm located in southern Ecuador, that delivers fresh-cut roses directly from the farm to any address in the U.S (including Alaska and Hawaii), guaranteeing the most extended vase life and bright colors. Our Gift Box of 25 roses with a personalized card arrives as a wonderful surprise. Thousands of florists around the world sell our roses. Now we offer them directly to you.

Our company is locally owned and supports the livelihood of over 160 indigenous families living near the farm in Biblian (30 minutes from Cuenca). We operate under award-winning environmental and business (human) practices.  A portion of all sales is donated to local charities through the Rotary Club of Tomebamba.

Do you want roses in Cuenca? Call Karla at 096.904.1385 to place orders to be picked up in Cuenca at Plaza del Otorongo where our office is located. Local orders skip the FedEx shipping cost that is included on our website prices.

AND COME VISIT US! We offer guided tours to our family farm. The tour of the farm and hacienda make a great day of fun and education. Book the tour to the farm by calling the customer service number: 096.904.1385.

Contact Info:

Learn more and order through our Website at:; or, 

Call: From Cuenca: 096.904.1385; From U.S. Toll-Free: 805.259.3039; or


Contact information:

Ecuador Direct Roses

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