Take a look at this! You’ll be surprised


Reduce your monthly premium leveraging your total coverage.
If you have pre-existing conditions, take medication that is not expensive, have a relatively good lifestyle, your annual expenses for check-ups are no more than a couple hundred dollars, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!
The following are examples that I quoted for a client 65-70 years of age. These plans came out much better than what they were receiving with their previous health insurance company.
Case A
Coverage: $30,000
Deductible: $100
Monthly premium: $198
Case B
Coverage: $55,000
Deductible: $100
Monthly premium: $209
Case C
Coverage: $100.000
Deductible: $100
Monthly premium: $340

If you are not sure what your current benefits are or want to see if we can improve them, contact us and get a free quote today! https://cuencaexpatinsurance.com/

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Daniela Cordero


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