The Importance of a Second Medical Opinion in Ecuador



Two weeks ago one of our affiliates called Carlos, CEO of BLUE BOX, and told him that he is about to undergo surgery for an approximate value of 6. Carlos immediately suggested she visit another doctor within the network who speaks English and can attend her immediately, the affiliate took the recommendation and when she visited the second doctor he did a couple of tests in which he determined that the problem was not in her knee, that it was fine, the problem actually lies in her hip and this problem could be treated only with analgesics and a few therapies, the initial value of $6.000, the affiliate has not invested in her health even 10% of the value set by the first doctor, like this story we have many days from our affiliates and our recommendation is always the same, before having a medical procedure please visit at least two doctors and verify that the values to be charged are fair to you and do not overcharge you or give you diagnoses that do not correspond to your ailments.

In Ecuador sometimes you will find people who could have much higher fees than normal, for this reason always get advice from people you trust if you are going to perform blood tests or x-rays or others try to always be in clinics like MONTE SINAÍ or SANTA INÉS because the equipment is excellent and the values are within the normal, always choose known places or with recommendations from your group of friends, likewise when buying medicine if you are looking for natural medicine identify a single place that can provide you with everything you require with a health registration since insurance companies in Ecuador do not pay medicine without health registration, in case of American medicine you can go to FYBECA, FARMACIAS O FARMACIAS MONTE SINAÍ, and if you want generic medicine or at an unbeatable price visit CORP DESFA this pharmacy is a community and has the best prices in the city of Cuenca.

With respect to some doctors that work with our affiliates we have obtained good recommendations from doctors such as MIGUEL MOLINA (traumatologist), ANA MARIA COELLO (General Medicine), MARCO JOSE BARZALLO (Gynecologist), KAROL GUZMAN (Cardiologist), among others who are English speaking doctors and will provide you with the necessary documents for your reimbursements, please always verify that your doctor is willing to help you with your documentation to present in the medical insurances since we have had cases in which the doctors do not deliver the documentation required by the company and the company cannot make the payments for reimbursement required by the affiliates.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our advice is totally free, if you already have medical insurance we can represent you, call us at 0982465168 or leave us an email at; we will be happy to attend to your requirements.

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Carlos Ramirez

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