The “Safe Bed” initiative was a success! – Thank you! – Fundación Nur


Fundación Nur designed and found donors to provide SAFE BEDS to the first six young beneficiaries that needed a decent place to sleep. Thank you SO much for your support!

Why did we start this project?  All our educational programs, for children, adolescents, and adults, include notions of self-care and respect for others, as well as the teaching of children’s rights and the emergency protocols established by the local authorities.
Despite this, we can see how housing conditions, alcoholism and some socio-cultural patterns conspire against the integrity of minors, and we wanted to provide a safe place for these kids.

What are the benefits of a Safe Bed?

  • The bed fits in a small space, only 27” long by 57” wide by 59” high, where the bed, desk and bookshelf are integrally developed. (See attached photo)
  • It contributes to the child’s self-esteem and self-care.
  • It allows them to store and value their belongings.
  • Removes the child from damp, insects, rats and dust at ground level.
  • Prevents an adult from lying down to sleep with the child due to the small size of the mattress, the limiting rails, the height, and the child-only access ladder.
  • The child has an area of his own, where he can study, where his school items, clothes and toys can be stored and tidied away.

What comes next? We will continue monitoring the families living conditions trough the social worker’s visits and provide safe beds when needed.
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Thank you!

Contact information:

Nela Navarrine

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