Traditional Ecuadorian Homemade Food


María offers traditional Cuenca food:

5 Humitas (which are corn flour tamales wrapped in cheese), at $5

5 Tamales of corn flour, egg, raisins, pepper, with chicken or pork, at $6

5 Choclo (heirloom corn) Tortillas, $5

Drink Colada Morada (traditional purple drink with fruit), at $10 a liter.

5 emborrajados de Maduro (wheat flour, eggs, sugar, a little milk, fried in oil), at $4

1 pound of cooked corn for $2

It is a healthy food made at home with natural ingredients. Delivery is free for orders of $10 or more, otherwise $2. Contact your child with the order at:

Andres Reinoso.

City: Cuenca

Contact information:

andres reinoso

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