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Over 4,000 people logged on to Punto Sur Propiedades in the last 30 days. These 4,000 people are not just random people. They all have at least one thing in common. They have an interest in rentals and/or sales in Ecuador.

If you are trying to rent or sell a house, apartment, or lot, try uploading your property to Ecuador’s Google Maps based MLS. Our upload form is easy to use. You can upload lots of images to better describe your property, select where it is located on Google Maps (or the area where it is located), fill in a description and price and you are on your way to getting your listings sold or rented.

The cost for this service? Only $10/listing/month. For those of you who want to upload many properties, we have annual plans that will allow you to upload properties at only $1/listings/month.

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Name: Punto Sur Propiedades
Phone: 0984822495