Turkish Night at El Salón

Jan 11, 2017 |

This Saturday El Salón presents a night of exotic Turkish flavours, with a special menu at just $9.50 per person.

The menu is made up of three dishes to share:

Mercimek Çorbası
A traditional Turkish red lentil soup served with lemon

Turkish mussaka
A spiced stew of aubergine, onion, pepper, minced beef and spices

A selection of small plates served with flatbread: pieces of grilled chicken, marinated vegetables, humous, parsley salad and yoghurt salsa (cacık)

To book, please call 099-316-5176, email info@elsaloncuenca.com or send us a private message.

El Salón, Luis Cordero 6-75 y Presidente Córdova, Centro Histórico, Cuenca.

Name: Xavier Espinosa
Phone: 0993165176
Email: info@elsaloncuenca.com