Verde Oveja Cheese Categories!


At Verde Oveja are very proud of the quality of the products that we provide. The sheep milk we use comes from our own professional dairy. We have a whole range of high-quality sheep milk cheese products that are aged, semi-aged, fresh, and brined. We also have a line of fresh and aged Jersey cow milk products. If you are a cheese lover and miss high quality cheese products, Verde Oveja is your new best friend!

·        Asiago
·        Tomme
·        Manchego
·        Montaña
·        Baby Swiss

·        Andean Ash

·        Feta
·        Halloumi

·        Fresh Spreadable Cheese
·        Cottage Cheese
·        Ricotta
·        Baby Cheddar Cheese Curds
·        Cow and sheep milk Greek Yogurt

We are passionate about cheese making and have created an entire section on our website to learn about all the categories of cheese, where they originate from, how to use them, recipes for our products and more!

Use our online store to Cheese 101:
Contact information:
Instagram: laverde.oveja
Facebook: @LaVerdeOveja
Whatsapp: 0980286323

Contact information:

La Verde Oveja

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