Verde Oveja Community Project


At Verde Oveja we support our local community in Cotacachi by providing fair opportunities for jobs, education, training, income, and funding towards community projects. When you purchase our products, you become part of their prosperity.
Jobs:  Our employees are all members of the community. By providing jobs to locals, our community feels empowered and hopeful that they can enhance their lives. Our goal is to provide our community with a name-sake trade and skills in Sheep Production. Our employees are tremendously hard-working people with a wonderfully positive attitude!

Education and Training: We provide an educational setting where our employees can learn valuable skills and practice farming techniques (animal handling and welfare, nutrition, sheltering, training, and veterinary care), appreciate the benefits of sheep as production animals (milk, wool, meat, and other products), and business methods (sales and management).

Community Projects: The proceeds from the sale of our products go toward impactful projects in our local community; these include developing a potable water system for the community and families, programs for children and women, and livestock improvement.

Feel good about buying and enjoying our products, 100% of the sales is dedicated to a philanthropic project to support our indigenous community, read about it on our project page:

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La Verde Oveja

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