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I would like to recommend Isabel Mosquera as a facilitator for any visa or cedula needs.

Her knowledge of the rules, her ability to work with the bureaucracy, and her ability to think creatively about solutions to problems are all noteworthy.

I had a reasonably complicated problem getting my new Cedula and Visa. Isabel came up with an elegant solution that require minimal time and was much less expensive.

I highly recommend her services.

Isabel can be reached at 099 960 3663 or

Name: Tom
Phone: 099 390 0879
  • Acbig1

    As a permanent resident for many years, I will spend a second day attempting to get my new Cedula. The intelligent Ecuadorian friend that was assisting me was beaten down by the pathetic bureaucratic process. I can only compare it to a mouse in a maze, trying to locate the cheese. To be honest, I don’t know if my friend will even show up tomorrow to “hopefully” put this nightmare to bed. I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.
    I actually “lost it” when (at 3pm) we went to Immigration with all of my required documents, copies, est. Waited in line for 20 minutes, which wasn’t bad. But as my turn came, I was told I had to go on their website to make an appointment. It only took my friend and I, plus a few pretty slick kids at a Cyber, to find instructions on how to make the appointment (which is for tomorrow). When a patient expat has to walk away from everyone, just to swear out-loud, well, you get the point. Just another reason they call ’em “third-world countries”
    And if any of you pathetic liberal want to come out of the bushes to criticize me, feel free to bring it. It’s what is expected of you.