We Feel Like The Owners Are Giving This House Away


Every owner wants to sell their home when they list it. They usually all want to wait for the best possibly price (often with unrealistic expectations). But the owner of this house said, “Sell it, we need to move this property so we will take any reasonable offer.”

Well, what can we say, we do what our clients ask! So take a look at this absolute steal! It’s in Tutapali, only 20 minutes from Cuenca, but a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Nestled in hills among an acre of land and trees, this 3,000 square foot home comes partially furnished and has top of the line appliances.

The original price of $175,000 has been dropped all the way to $149,000! You are never going to see a home like this priced like this again!

Take a look here to see what a steal this is! http://www.cuencasbestproperties.com/huge-tutupali-house-just-20-mins-from-cuenca-idp-571

To see this property, call us today at Cuenca’s Best Properties at 099 474 8668 or check out our website at http://www.cuencasbestproperties.com/

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