What Insurances are available in Ecuador


In Ecuador Blue Box advisors has all the branches of the insurance market we can insure whatever you can imagine. If you are new in Ecuador or you are thinking of moving soon, having information about the insurances that are offered in Ecuador is the best option, so if you want to move for retirement purposes you can count with health, home and vehicle policies that make your life easier, or if you are a business person and you are interested in investing in Ecuador we can provide you with the best insurance for imports, exports, cargo insurance, all risk insurance, bonds, and more, ask now for our services.
Here are some of our services

Health – We have a wide range of insurance companies in Ecuador that can provide coverage over $500,000 in the best clinics in the country for reduced monthly costs for less than $100 per month (restrictions apply according to age range).

Vehicles – A car insurance is vital to travel in Ecuador because at the least thought moment someone can impact your vehicle and flee, in auto insurance we have the main insurers that provide the best benefits, we are the only broker that has exclusive products for the expat community in Ecuador, and also for your cash payments you have an additional 12% discount.

Home insurance – A home insurance allows you to be insured against any risk, if there is an environmental catastrophe, theft in your home, malicious damage, burst pipes, fire and more at an annual price that will surprise you, being insured does not have to be expensive.

Cargo Insurance – Cargo insurance allows the micro-entrepreneur and entrepreneurs in general to be protected in case of cargo theft, loss at sea, loss of container and any other risk involved in importing and exporting your valuable merchandise.

Hull-ship – We can also insure the vehicle that transports the merchandise, whether by land or air, all coverages are possible with BLUE BOX.

These are some of the branches that we can present in this small text, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our work in Ecuador, we are a bilingual broker with extensive experience in insurance in Ecuador.

Contact information:

Carlos Ramirez


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