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Here we are, starting our seventh year in business and those qualifying for a free bagel order are multiplying. Since the program is now a year old you need only have five orders in the previous twelve months to get a sixth order of the same size free.

For those who order two dozen of either the 125 gram or the 150 gram bagels, our special for the month of January is a free container of cream cheese with your order. We offer free local delivery with orders over $25.00 as well.

Please don’t hate our special bagels because they’re ugly; it’s hard to be pretty with that many added ingredients inside you. Many of them contain more than 10% special ingredients by weight.

Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry/Orange, Cranberry/Walnut, Cranberry/Almond, Oatmeal/Raisin, Parmesan with chili, Parmesan/Rosemary/Onion (or garlic), Parmesan/Basil/Garlic (or onion) all suffer from this discrimination, as do all of the Tilsit varieties.

Cuenca Bagels, Best of Cuenca 2017. We bake only to order. No choosing from what may be available; your order is baked exclusively for you.

Visit us at our webpage, on Facebook or contact us at the e-mail address below.

Name: Rich Westcott
Phone: 098 453 0351