Workshop this Weekend Manifest your wishes!
Fill voids from childhood that block good relationships.
Pre-registration required by this Friday, call first
Testimonials for workshop:
A woman did the ‘games’ she learned in the workshop for 7 weeks, then her dream came true. As soon as the ‘game’ finished,’ she was called by a casting agent. She was hired on a major US TV show.

What I liked most about the day: Loved it all but the tools were wonderful. What a day of release. The evening “holding” process was the best. It was enlightening and eye opening because it allowed me to address issues I had no clue were obstacles and challenges for me. What a blessing! I felt very safe and protected, very nurtured.
JOHN H, general manager of Learning Light Foundation
The holding each other exercise was amazing. I was nervous about it, I did not think I would feel comfortable enough to receive; to believe what was being said to me. I thought I would be too self-conscious to be in it.
It was completely the opposite. I felt so loved, so nurtured, so safe. I needed to hear those things. I completely believed him. I felt so completely loved. I wanted to just stay, and just be held, forever.

Name: Jeannie Alvin
Phone: 0992296332