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I answered an ad in Cuenca Highlife titled “Hardworking Mother looking for Work”.

“My name is Yanua Ayui. I lived in the jungle before moving to Cuenca so my 17-yr old daughter, Antonella, could get a better education. I want her to have more options for a better life. Unfortunately, we have no money and are living in a single room with no furniture while we try to find work. We will clean your house, work in your yard, weed your garden, walk your dog – whatever to earn some money. If you or someone you know has a need for two hard-working people, please call 098-758-2757,”

I needed our garden weeded and needed our dogs walked. I am so glad I answered this ad, Yanua and her daughter Antonella came on time and I have never seen such hard working gals. They weeded our garden to perfection and Antonella walked our dogs with great care and love.

Both speak a bit of English, both have great attitudes, great work ethics and they are both sweethearts. Antonella now comes twice a week to walk our dogs (she absolutely loves animals).

But they still need more work. Their story touched us and we are so happy to be able to help them even in a small way.

Name: Debi Quilty
Phone: 0967994373