FREE Dental Implant to ALL Patients currently missing FOUR or more Non-Wisdom Teeth!


REGARDLESS of whether you’re a new or old Patient, or even if you’re just coming to Cuenca on vacation (including if you’re soon to leave Cuenca), as stated in the title above, the “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” is presently GIFTING ONE FREE Dental Implant to any Patient who’s currently MISSING at least 4 NON-Wisdom teeth that haven’t already had their Dental Implants installed or paid for, EVEN IF you or the Patient personally isn’t doing now or even possibly ever wanting to get your/their OTHER 3+ additional non-Wisdom teeth’s Dental Implants done!

Plus, our ENGLISH speaking Head Dentist, Dr. Andres Pacheco, is best known among the Expat community in Ecuador as “Dr. No Pain” – click here to see just some of our many dozens of Expat Patient Testimonials AND their amazing photo results:

FYI, also see our following recent article on Dental Tourism (Dental Vacations) and why there’s never been a better time to travel to Ecuador!:

Of course, naturally YOU WIN when you get the best possible Dental Work, and everyone else gets to see how fabulous your smile is, besides the fact that your teeth will then again do what they’re supposed to in serving you once more at every single meal. To see our full set of Dental articles on “Cuenca High Life” (very many of which speak specifically to the various ins and outs of Dental Implants), click on the following link:

Let’s ASAP get you a first FREE “Dental Treatment Plan” in ENGLISH based on your easily able to be EMAILED most recent X-Rays which you previously had taken in your country of origin (just ask your Canadian, US or even former Ecuadorian Dentist to send them to you via email so that you can then forward those to us via email as well). As such, simply send an email to and we promise to write you back within minutes to hours – we reply to every single patient’s email and always do so in well less than 24 hours (in fact usually that’s closer to 24 minutes, even on EVERY Ecuadorian holiday plus ALL weekend long without fail too).

Email Address:

Phone: 07-410-8745 (Ecuador) OR 1-941-227-0114 (USA)

Physical Address: Edificio Medimagen, Av. Pumapungo y Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, (second floor) – right here in Cuenca!


Contact information:

Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic

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