FREE “Pozo Millonario” Ticket for EVERY Expat Patient at EVERY Appointment at FHIE Dental Clinic!


Surely, you’ve at least once in your life received a free one time tooth-friendly candy, sticker or other type disposable toy in the past when visiting your Dentist’s office, but have you EVER received a FREE LOTTERY TICKET with a chance to win up to MILLIONS of dollars for any (or at EVERY) single visit to your Dentist’s office?

Well NOW, for each day and way going forward on an indefinite basis ahead, EVERY patient (whether you’re new or old to our Dental Clinic and regardless of whether it’s an also free dental checkup, routinely scheduled dental cleaning, specifically needed dental work or otherwise), will be receiving that above referenced FREE LOTTERY TICKET for EVERY single visit to your Dentist’s office, that is of course when you come to the ‘Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic’, where “Dr. No Pain” (Dr. Andres Pacheco) most professionally and respectfully serves you here in Cuenca as your trusted Dentist that you keep.

Simply send an email or call us so as to schedule your first or even just next dental appointment, and AGAIN whether you’re a new or old patient, and regardless of how many visits you ever have at our Dental Clinic (i.e. a FREE first time or even one time Dental Cleaning, an emergency dental visit, a once every 6 month routine dental checkup, or for your actual dental work to be performed such as in receiving your aesthetically pleasing and best chomper type Crowns/Implants being installed or even repaired, etc.), you’ll WITHOUT NEEDING TO ASK, also receive your above referenced FREE “Pozo Millonario” Ticket for EVERY Appointment you have at our Dental Clinic. 

We look most forward to serving and working with you for your dental health, needs and desires ahead, by virtue of in ANY case with the very best of intentions making your SMILE look like a MILLION dollars, besides also giving you a VERY REAL opportunity to possibly receive that up to cool MILLION dollars or more, which as a result can/should put a smile on your face at the happy idea of EACH TIME you know you’re coming once more to see “Dr. No Pain” (again Dr. Andres Pacheco) here at the ‘Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic’!

Email Address:
Phone: 07-410-8745 (Ecuador) OR 1-941-227-0114 (USA)
Physical Address: Edificio Medimagen, Av. Pumapungo y Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, (second floor) – right here in Cuenca!

Contact information:

Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic

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