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APshipping for all your courier needs

Apshipping is still $7 per pound. We consolidate your packages and remove all unnecessary packing that will jut increase your weight.
We use servientrega to ship to any town in Ecuador. No package is too big or small.
Please contact us at or visit
We accept all major credit cards.

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What to expect after a facelift?

What to expect after a facelift?

If you are interested in facial rejuvenation, reading this article will help you to better understand the recovery process from Surgical Procedures.
Surprising to many, there usually isn’t a lot of discomfort after surgery. Significant pain associated with an area of swelling should be reported to your surgeon immediately. In general the swelling will progress over 2-3 days but then begin to improve.

You may feel some tightness and numbness on your face and neck. This tightness generally resolves within six weeks. The feeling of tightness is usually due to swelling. As the swelling goes down, your skin will loosen and then stabilize. Do not become alarmed that the facelift didn’t work. It is normal for the face to look less wrinkled initially after surgery due to swelling. Numbness may persist for several months and will gradually improve.

Keep your head elevated help to minimize swelling and to speed recovery. Do not underestimate the importance of head elevation. It will reduce your recovery time. Failure to do so may prolong recovery and may create disturbing facial asymmetry.

The majority of people are able to return to work after 2 weeks as bruising has usually resolved but this depends on …

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Lawyer Mateo Coellar:

Specialist in Contract law, Civil, Immigration law, Intellectual Property (copyrights) and Corporation Law.

Many migrants have had trouble finding a real lawyer who knows the law. I put at your disposal my knowledge in the law for any legal procedure.

Cel Number: 0983259004

Contact Information:

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French classes online


I am french teacher with 10 years of experience with different types of public – kids, adolescents, adults in different structures – language centers, Alliance Française, binational schools and online schools.
Absolutely in love with learning languages, I am plurilingual and I want you to become it too !

Contact information:

Enchantée !

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Difference between a Lawyer and a Facilitator

Difference between a Lawyer and a Facilitator

Recently it has been verified that many have lost the opportunity to be regular in Ecuador due to bad information received by some facilitators.
The Visa process is a legal issue that must be carefully handled and processed and strictly adhered to the law.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.
Dra. Lina Ulloa
Immigration, Civil and Constitutional Lawyer
Address: Av. Jose Peralta 1-19 and Av. 12 de Abril, Acropolis Building, 3rd Floor, office 312.
Telephone numbers: (07) 410-3588 or 098-420-5336

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How to rejuvenate the neck?

How to rejuvenate the neck?

In terms of the negative effects of the aging process, the neck is one of the regions of the body that is hardest hit with wrinkling, sagging and drooping. This can significantly mar an otherwise attractive profile, giving visual signals of aging and weight gain, even as the rest of the body remains fit and trim.
The solution to this aesthetic inconvenience is to perform a surgery known as a neck lift.

In a neck lift procedure, patients look to create a defined jaw line with high contours and toning. The neck should be easily distinguished from the jaw line, producing an elegant transition between the thorax and the face.

The sagginess and droopy skin of the neck and the mandibular ridge are primary elements of aging that come over time. Many conventional cosmetic surgeries leave patients with an over-stretched face and infra-treated neck, however our neck lift technique leaves you with lasting natural results.

A neck lift or Cervicoplasty should be approached as a surgery of the lower third of the face, in order to adequately correct excess skin, neck wrinkles, loss of the mandibular ridge, neck bands (“turkey neck”), and droopy skin under the neck or a …

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Red Tag Moving Company is Back Better Than Ever!

There is a very good reason why Debra Lynn, owner of Red Tag Moving Company has been voted the best local moving company three times in Cuenca. Debra and her crew recently packed up all our belongings and moved us to our new location. Everything was packed very carefully and efficiently. The move itself was done in a very timely fashion. Debra’s crew of three very strong men and Debra herself worked together like clockwork to load and unload our furniture, appliances, tons of artwork and dozens and dozens of boxes. They set up the beds, hooked up the appliances, and placed furniture where we wanted it, sometimes moving it more than once until it was just right. They even hung our drapes and mounted our televisions on the walls!

All of this was done tirelessly without any dents or breakage, and always with a smile. So, if you have a move planned whether it is from your home or business and no matter how large or small, email Debra Lynn today at and rest assured that you are getting the best.

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How to choose your plastic surgeon?

How to choose your plastic surgeon?

Whether you’re interested in Facial Rejuvenation, Body Contouring or some other Plastic Surgery procedures, there’s a plastic surgeon for that. The right surgeon will have the skills and experience to do safe, aesthetically pleasing work. On the flip side, the wrong surgeon could cause you harm.

Your selection of a plastic surgeon in Cuenca is as important as your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. It must be done in a thorough, well-organized manner. Your results will be directly proportional to the amount of effort you are willing to expend during your search. While having a list of questions is a great first step, your interpretation of the answers is really the most important part.
Emphasis on the need for reviewing qualifications, experience, training, post-operative photography and testimonials combined with open and honest discussion with the surgeon are among the necessary steps toward selecting the best surgeon for you.
We give you the best tips for choosing a plastic surgeon below:

1. At a minimum, selection criteria you use in evaluating a plastic surgeon should include:
Graduation from a recognized school of medicine, license as a physician and surgeon in the country in which you will be having the …

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Massage Therapy with Jerri Elena Ridley in El Vergel

Greetings to all,

I have been practicing Massage Therapy for over 20 years, and was originally licensed and certified in the state of Connecticut… Educated, and specializing in– Advanced Deep Tissue and Myoskeletal Alignment, Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point and Compression Therapies, and Sports Massage with Stretching.

I have taken classes in Acupressure and Meridian Therapies, Muscle Palpation, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, and Basic Swedish Relaxing Massage. And, I’ve also been educated in Energy Work Modalities, having been attuned to Reiki Master. Shambala 13D, and Reconnective Healing (Kripalu Course in MASS).

My Massage Practice has always been one in helping others to heal themselves, and feel progress in your healing. I have years of experience working alongside the Medical and Holistic community, incorporating Massage and Energy Work in Hospice and Hospitals in CT. I have worked in a Pediatric Office, Chiropractic Offices, Massage Therapy Centers, and Assisted Living Facilities. You can be sure that you have Experienced Healing Hands, and intentions, when you choose to have Massage Sessions on my table.

If you have any questions, or would love to receive a relaxing or deep tissue session, I am happy to cater to your needs, while employing any of my experience …

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PROBLEM with your Facilitator or Lawyer? FREE Consult with Attorney Sara Chaca to FIX IT!

Naturally, your Facilitator or Lawyer won’t admit that they are/were in error, or worse that they told you something which just isn’t or can’t be so (say nothing of refunding the monies you paid them!).

Attorney Sara Chaca of “Ecuador Visas” is able to discuss the issue with you via email, video call or even in person if convenient (ALWAYS in English of course), so as to serve as the remedy for your Visa & Legal woes. ONLY you need send an email to to advise briefly what ales you and who is responsible for that pain, per her quickly responding back to you via email (she has a LESS than 24 hour email return policy and often really much closer to 24 minutes).

The time is now to get you and your situation FIXED and done RIGHT, especially BEFORE any new Covid-19 requirements, restrictions or rules further complicate your Visa & Legal matter(s).


Phone: 099-296-2065

Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel (2 story office building with balcony that shows directly above it the words “Ecuador Visas”)

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C&C Unisex Hair Design & Barber Shop

C&C Unisex Hair Design & Barber Shop, has the honor to introduce to our distinctive clientele, a new member of a C&C’s TEAM . Rolando Márquez a Professional Hairdresser from Colombia has achieved his #American dream, with his Professional Cosmetologist License graduated with his Master Degree in Miami-Florida he returned to Ecuador. So please I will ask the Audience of C&C to give him a warm WELCOME , with your visit or setting up your appointment. He will cover Clemencia’s spot while she will be having her cancer treatment. So we all hope that Rolando stays for a long term contract at the hair salon .

You may think it is easier and inexpensive to use an over-the-counter box of hair color, but you could be risking your look and your hair’s health. Only a professional hair colorist can give you the color you want and keep your hair protected from damage and breakage . Also When you get a haircut done by experts at least once every 6 to 8 weeks, this will help you reduce the damages that cause split ends. Obviously, this will help maintain a healthy & vivacious hair-shine that …

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This week Specials

Hola queridos amigos , hooe you are having a good week so far. This week specials.
Breakfast Special:
Chicken sausage scramble, served with onions , mushrooms, sun dried tomato pesto,and cheese , served with fresh fruit or potatoes and homemade bread.
Juice, iced tea, or lemonade.$6
Lunch Special:
Stir fried chicken or pork in a delicious Oyster sauce, comes with a fresh salad, iced tea, juice or lemonade. $7.
Hope we get to see soon ; lucky us if that happens.
Please share , help a lot .

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Yarn and supplies on sale this week at YarnLux!

The popular yarn Autumn Wind, a sport weight 90% Cotton/10% Cashmere, is on sale at 20% off.

We are also offering 20% off KnitPro beaded stitch markers, great for lace work.

Spaces are available in the beginners knitting class, please email for more information.

YarnLux – boutique de hilo specializes in natural fibers. Visit Cuenca’s luxury yarn store, YarnLux – boutique de hilo at Mariscal Lamar 25-95 y Av De Las Americas. We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

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Best way to fight COVID

Best way to fight COVID

Stay at home and let the professional do it for you. Looking for permanent residency, temporary Visa? Perhaps renew your CD Bank? Or maybe cancel your Visa. Do you have any procedure pending at the Notary? Translate a document or any legal procedure…we will take care of it.  Stay home – take care of yourself!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

0984205336 / 0998672687
Facebook: UZ Asesores Ecuador CIA. LTDA. Instagram: uzasesores

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Great business for sale with proven history, a business that’s needed

Daisy’s Pet Food is a ready to go business that has a great track record in Cuenca and great potential for clientele in Vilcabamba and other places in Ecuador.  If you are a pet lover in particular, this would be a great business for you, we provided the best Cat and Dog food in Cuenca for over 7 years, you’d be serving a great need for great pet food here in Ecuador.  If you’re interested, please get in touch and I will send you the presentation that states the sales price and all of the pertinent information regarding the business, and the sale of the business. Ask for our website, it’s in English and Spanish

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Cuenca Medical Tourism

Cuenca Medical Tourism

Cuenca is considered one of the best cities to experience the golden years. One of the reasons is the excellent medical system that the city has; both in services and prices. The city has positioned itself as a benchmark for MEDICAL TOURISM, it means to people travel abroad to obtain medical treatment.
The city has been recognized in 2007 by the Pan American Health Organization as a healthy city, its first-rate hospital infrastructure with prestigious medical professionals and thermal springs with appropriate infrastructure; also Cuenca lead medical care in the region under parameters of quality, services and prices.
The costs of medical services have no comparison to the costs of medicine in the United States or Europe. For example, a doctor visit in Cuenca costs approximately $60, while a doctor visit in the United States could cost $300.
For expats who have decided to live in Cuenca, and have private health insurance, it is very important to review their plan. Because if the health insurance has a network of doctors and hospitals, the care service is limited. It is preferable have a health insurance with a free choice of doctors and hospitals, so you can access the …

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Save Your Life Sale

Lifesaving Fire Extinguisher Balls
Amazon price: $27.97 – Sale Price: $6.00 each or 2 for $10 [Way below our cost!!] Easier to use than traditional fire extinguishers!!! (At this price, you will want more than one!)
– – – – – – – – – –
Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Smoke Detectors, and Propane Detectors: $5 off
– – – – – – – – – –
UV-C Sterilization Lamp – Great for sanitizing businesses or for times when a family member has Covid or other flu. Was $135. Now $121.50 (12 months without interest with local credit card.)
– – – – – – – – – –
Pulse Oximeters – FDA Approved – Instantly check your oxygen level. Was $35 – Now $29
– – – – – – – – – –
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors – FDA Approved – Was $35 – Now $29
– – – – – – – – – –
Personal Emergency Buttons (Same as seen elsewhere)
Was $299 – now only $199 – no deposit, no set-up charges. (12 months without interest with local credit card)
– – – …

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CuencaShop March Madness Sale

CuencaShop Crazy Special -Starting today till Saturday -We will pay the IVA.
Does Not apply to Artesanal Products.
For eg. a product normally $112 will cost $100.
Conditions: Only applies to Transactions above $20. Does Not include artesanal Products

We have the largest range of Bourbons, Whiskey, Essential Oils and Ecuadorian Chocolate.

If you haven’t been in, you are missing knowing this hidden treasure trove.

CuencaShop(King Smokehouse)
8-66 Coronel Talbot
Parque San Sebastian

Opening Hours:
Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-6pm

098 402 6399 / 099 131 4090

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C&C Unisex Hair Design & Barber Shop

C&C Unisex Hair Design & Barber Shop

Clemencia says ; It’s often said that your hairstyle is the one part of your look that you wear every day; unlike clothes, our hair doesn’t usually end up in the laundry basket. How a person wears their hair says as much about how they want to present themselves as their fashion choices, but it’s important that a hairstyles suits our natural appearance whilst reflecting our individual tastes.

When it comes to the cut, you need to find out which hairstyles are going to suit your face shape. And the colour? Well this is all about your skin tone.
There’s tone – the surface colour of the skin – and then there’s undertone. Undertone is the subtle hue beneath the surface of your skin; this is the key to finding out your ideal colour palette (FYI, it also applies to makeup, clothing and jewellery). So just give us a call , in advance for more info through WhatsApp, iMessage, Text Message – 0988148902 Also our small ( C&C’s Team ) Will have another Hairdresser he used to work in Miami Florida his name is Rolando Marquez and he will be working part time job , his short hours will be …

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Assets Annex – What, when to file – AccroCorp

Have you heard about the Asset Annex filing requirement for Ecuador? It is mandatory for any of you who had assets in Ecuador and abroad from Jan 1, 2021 to December 31,2021, including Property inside and outside of Ecuador, ALL investments and bank accounts inside and outside of Ecuador of $200,000 or more; $400,000 for married couples. No need to pay taxes but you must file to avoid fines. This is due in May as part of an agreement to share information between the U.S. and Ecuador that was signed in 2021. There are some things that need to be done before filing in May, such as getting your SRI password.
Questions? Need more information? Feel free to contact me at:
WhatsApp: 099-892-4870

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Please check back later.

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