Thirty five special Christmas meals! – Fundacion Nur

Thirty five special Christmas meals! – Fundacion Nur

Can you help us with the purchase of food for the 35 families that Fundacion Nur supports?

You can buy the suggested items and deliver them to us or send the money for us to buy them. What works better for you. Thank you very much!!

JAM (250g) for 35 families, $39,20
COCOA FOR MILK (170g), $35,35
PEACH PRESERVE (820gr) $76,30
SWEET COOKIES (100g) $27,65
CHOCOLATE BAR (20g) $14,00
KINDER CHOCOLATE BAR x 4 (50g) $45,85
TUNA (170g), $38,50
PANNETTONE (420g), $72,80
FRESH CHEESE (250g), $56,35
MORTADELLA (300g),$35,70
BISCOTELAS (150g), $63,00
RICE BAG (100 lbs), $43,00
LENTIL BAG (100 pounds), $63,00
2 SACK NOODLES (44 pounds), $40,00
SACK OATMEAL (50 pounds), $23,00

Delivery address of the products: Fundacion Nur, General Antonio Farfán 2-17 between Av de las Americas and Tomas de Heres. Please call before coming.

Monetary donations for the purchase of food through PayPal:

From Ecuador you can make a deposit to the Savings Account 406119384202 JEP Cooperative in the name of “FUNDACION NUR desarrollo, humano inclusion y solidaridad”. RUC 0190480984001

If you have questions or suggestions please contact us! 09 7937 8786

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Giving Tuesday

Hearts of Gold has a new important mission and we need everyone’s help. Ccurrently we have a big campaign and it is all about fulfilling our children dreams, we want to encourage them to set short, medium and long term goals, so they would have amazing opportunities in their lives, that’s why we´re inviting you to the GivingTuesday Campaign on November 30th, through our Global Giving page.
Every year GlobalGiving matches our contributions. For example, if we get a $100 donation we can get a $100 match. The GlobalGiving´s Funds are limited, so we need your help as fast as you can, so our chances to get a special match are bigger. We hope you can help in making a big impact in our society and specifically in our children because we know you have a big Heart of Gold.
If you have any question you can write to the email below or the social networks of Hearts of Gold.
Here´s our link to our Global Giving webpage:
We count on your giving heart.

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White schnauzer mix puppy needs his forever home

This adorable little fella was scared and panicked at Feria Libre, running between cars, probably recently dumped.  If any of you Animal Angels have room, message me, whatsapp 098 581 3770  He’s understandably skittish and traumatized, but super sweet and loves to cuddle

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am deeply grateful to the expat community for allowing me to be a part of your lives.
I am grateful to my more than 100 clients, who have given us their trust to be able to serve them in the most difficult moments.

It has been a journey with many joys.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you a happy Thanksgiving,

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Get Faster with VeriFly!!

Thanks Giving is coming, so many of you want to go back home, and I think it would make it less complicated.
“In a COVID world we makes access easy” that is the main idea of this app.
This very helpful app, works with several airlines, connecting travelers with VeriFLY.
A digital wellness application which service is to help make the COVID travel requirements easier. In order you can back home, without the stress of gathering the info, the papers, print it, etc.
How it works?
You have to create a secure profile on your cellphone, Ipad, Tablet, etc.
Then you have to follow the instructions, it looks pretty easy.
When you finish the process, you need to show the pass in the check up
You’re SECURITY! No worry about it. This app use a privacy-centric design ensuring your data.
VeriFLY is free to download and use, and also is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
If you have more questions this is the link.

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A little fairy godmother

I am excited to tell you about the last dream we fulfilled just yesterday. Our fairy godmother this time, was someone relatively young, 12 year old Paola. She was willing to fulfill the dream of a boy named Luis Miguel, who had not been able to study during the last two years of the pandemic; not because he did not want or did not like to study, but rather because he never had the means to continue his education.
Paola was surprised that this is the situation of many vulnerable children. So she decided to look for a computer to donate.  With full  support of his parents and the help of Hearts of Gold,  a special moment was organized. The day came for Luis Miguel to receive a big surprise.
Luis Miguel arrived with his mother at the Hearts of Gold offices, where his new computer, some snacks and an arrangement of balloons were waiting for him to celebrate that he could finally go back to school. They blindfolded him and then when he opened his eyes and saw what it was, he couldn’t contain his emotions.   His mother even cried because of the great gesture Paola …

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You have the chance of changing someone’s life

A very important campaign is coming up for Hearts of Gold. This campaign’s goal is to fulfill the dreams of our children, to encourage them to set short, medium and long term goals; allowing them to have better opportunities in their lives. We want to invite you to this campaign on GivingTuesday, November 30th, through our Global Giving page.

Every year GlobalGiving matches our contributions. For example if we get a $100 donation we can get a $100 match. Of course GlobalGiving’s funds are limited, so the earlier in the day you make your contribution the better the chances are that we will get a special match. We hope you can help in making a big impact in the lives of many children in this way, because we know that all of you have a heart of gold.

If you have any questions you can write to or the social networks of Hearts of Gold.

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It all starts Nov 15th

Foundation Hogar de Esperanza will be holding another garage sale to support those in need. We need your help. The more items we receive the more we can help. All donations are welcome, you can drop them off at the foundation, or we can pick them up. Clothing, furniture, appliances, whatever you no longer need. Let’s get a smile on the faces of those who depend on us. Juan Montalvo 8-18 and Mariscal Sucre.

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Helping the 2%

98% of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia go into remission within weeks of starting treatment. So far, Josue is not one of the lucky ones. Diagnosed at 5-years old, now 10, he still goes for weekly chemo treatments. He has relapses and spends a lot of time in hospital emergency departments, receiving blood transfusions and treatments.

He was a normal boy, loves soccer and even joined a soccer school. But, due to the expenses his family faces he had to quit soccer as they could no longer afford it. They struggle with having enough food and making sure Josue gets his medications. His frail health also prevents him from hanging out much with his friends. But he still has a dream of one day playing soccer again and for Christmas, he wants his own soccer ball. A symbol of hope and his determination to get better.

Josue is one of 100 children facing catastrophic illness that we will be making Christmas special for this year. You can join us in this effort by donating. Contact us for the donation links

You can also contribute to our upcoming garage sale or donate in person at Foundation Hogar de Esperanza (Home of …

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Let your dreams be your wings

We often meet people  who constantly pursue their dreams in an unattainable way, others who fulfill them and others who surely do not achieve them or have not achieved them, either due to lack of constancy, fear, depression or an infinite insecurity that haunts them every day.

Cuenca’s Hearts of Gold won a contest that would benefit 30 of the children, who are part of our program “All Children Deserve to Dream”. since they. This gave us the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of these 30 children, by inviting us to celebrate the 201 years of Independence of Cuenca through a comic book program, where children would be able to meet the protagonists of their favorite movies and TV series.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, we went to the Mall del Rio and gave balloons to each of these 30 children. We ventured went into “Cultura Comics” and we were able to see dinosaurs, Scooby-Doo and his gang,
Batman, Mickey and many other characters. We expected to see a particular reaction from Junior, since his favorite character of all time is Batman. When Junior saw him next to the Batmobile, he was filled with emotion and he ran to hug …

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I dream of being a princess

I dream of being a princess

All of us at some point in our lives have known of a case of children, adolescents or young people in vulnerable conditions, but rarely do we stop to help them effectively, always thinking that this is someone else’s responsibility.  We want to share with you a story that shows us how a hand outstretched at the right time can be the only opportunity to achieve a change and transformation in the lives of others, who otherwise could hardly achieve it.

The princesses are back. Without a doubt, the favorites are Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella: the three most famous Disney princesses. They dream of costumes, tiaras and matching heels, gifts. The princesses: beautiful and innocent maidens whose stories have been heard by generations and generations of little girls, fascinated by their misfortunes of all kinds.  And what they all have in common is to be rescued and saved by a wonderful prince for whom they leave their lives behind to live happily ever after by his side.
“When a girl plays princesses, she invents a kind of tale; she talks about herself, her desires and fears, organizing them into a story, giving meaning to her existence.”

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Why do all children deserve to dream?

Several psychological studies show that children see their dreams as goals, and the moment they set goals and achieve them, they raise their self-esteem. This leads to an improvement in all aspects of an individual’s life, from physical to emotional health and even when they reach adulthood, to a good professional development.
That is why where I work we have a program where we fulfill the dreams of children in a state of vulnerability. In this way they understand the importance of setting goals and the benefits of achieving them. We try to create safe spaces for these children, where along with fulfilling their dreams we also encourage them to continue studying in order to grow professionally.
For example, Xiomara, whose dream was to have a bicycle to be able to cycle and stay healthy, recently told me that since she received the bicycle, she has been able to go to school on it, in addition to helping her mother at work. In this case her dream benefited her in several aspects of her life and this reflects that dreams drive physical and emotional health and expectations about life.
It is important for children to have dreams …

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All children deserve to dream

My name is Camila Moscoso and I am a student at the University of Azuay here in Cuenca.  I work at the charitable foundation called Hearts of Gold and want to tell you a bit about MY experience with “All Children Deserve to Dream”.
Research has shown that 90,000 students do not have or receive formal education, while 15% of students claim not to have had regular contact with their teachers in the last year and a half. These figures are significant because I am sure that the only way to change the world and the best tool for human beings is education. We are going through many obstacles in our country to be educated normally, despite the fact that education is a right that by law must be fulfilled.
Due to the pandemic, and with new regulations, education and face-to-face classes became virtual classes. This has caused endless problems for students because they need technological tools such as computers, tablets, smart phones and internet to access virtual classes. Hundreds of families do not have these technological tools which makes it impossible for the children to be educated.
At Hearts of Gold we know that by encouraging …

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Thank you for the donation of two baby strollers! Fundacion Nur

We asked for help to find two baby strollers and we were helped! Thank you to the anonymous donors that made this happen. Your kindness makes a difference!

The Effective Parenting Program supports and educates families during the first three years of life. We are currently working with 20 babies (infants, unborn babies, and children up to 3 years old).

As the Parenting Program grows we need more baby strollers for:
Maritza’s twin babies (2 months old),
Maria de los Angeles’s baby (one month old)
Francis’ baby (eight months old).
Genesis baby (to be born on October 20th)

If you have a used baby stroller that you can donate please contact us. We can repair your stroller if needed.

Thank you for your support!

If you want to learn more about Fundacion Nur please visit:

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Do you have a baby stroller that you can donate? – Fundacion Nur

Fundacion Nur is constantly supporting pregnant moms and dads, and parents with children up to 3 years old.

Two moms are about to give birth and we need two strollers for them!

If you have one at home that you don’t use any more please let us know. We can pick it up and repair it if necessary.

We welcome all donations of baby clothes, diapers, etc.
Thank you SO much!

If you want to learn more about Fundacion Nur please visit:

You can donate via Paypal:

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Five hacks to easily acquire at least five Spanish words daily

I bet that you have read these tricks hundreds of times but, did you get the expected outcomes? The answer is simple: it all depends on the learner.
Did you try them? Okaaaay… I am not judging!)

Hacks…okay, here we go:

Trick #1  Write words down! You know, we are living in a digital world and it’s easier to write the grocery list on the cell phone, on the digital calendar or the wish list, yep! our brain is more active when we write or draw words. Do it!

Trick #2 Build a word-image relation (it works perfectly for most of us).
Having breakfast? start by naming the food you have right on the table: guineo (which means banana in Ecuador and some Central American countries), jamón, café (yes! with accent), mermelada, huevos (don’t wake up the sleeping beauty H), pan (our primary ingredient for Ecuadorian serrano breakfast).

Extra ideas?

Let’s play the “I spy” game.
You spy, what do you see with your eye? it works for all levels e.g. you can ask to describe things in Spanish, guess what word your mate is thinking about, ask for clues, be creative!

Trick #3 Focus on the …

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Help us to Help Others

Do you have something laying around your house that you haven’t used in a long time?

If so, it is possible that someone else may be looking for just such an item, be it clothing, shoes, appliances, books, household items, furniture, etc.

Here at Hogar de Esperanza, your donations of items help us to help those in vulnerable situations. We give them away to those in need, and any extra items are sold in Esperanza Thrift Shop where all proceeds go back into our work. Together, we can bring hope to those who are in need.

From September 6-10, we will be having a garage sale here at the foundation. If you have items that you no longer need or want, let us give them a second chance, and help others in the process.

We accept anything that you wish to donate. You can drop off items here at Hogar de Esperanza, located at Juan Montalvo 8-18 and Sucre, Monday-Friday from 10 AM-5 PM, and Saturday from 10AM-2PM. We are also happy to come by and pick up your donations, so feel free to contact us and arrange a time.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Cuenca’s Grandest Feria-Saturday Sept. 4

As always, the Grand Feria of Entrepreneurs will be held on the first Saturday of the month.  On September 4, you will see many of your favorite vendors and several new ones.

We expect a great turnout of customers. (The required health precautions will be implemented.) The feria will be held at the CosasPrep store on Simón Bolívar.  There is a large room in the back of our store with many tables.

Stay tuned for the HUGE list of vendors.

Credit cards will be accepted for sales from all vendors.  Try your luck for free gifts on our spinning wheel.  Driving? There is a parking garage across the street.

Look for future ferias at the same location the first Saturday of every month. Let’s celebrate our entrepreneurs with great local food and great local products.

Location: Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Estévez de Toral
When: Saturday September 4, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Contact: Lorena Flores –

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Effective Communication -Workshop for all the Community- Fundación NUR

At Fundacion Nur we want to support the whole community to face their challenges, and find their own solutions though continuous education.

Good communication with the people we interact with, at work, as a family, as a couple and in all spaces, helps us to be assertive, empower ourselves, demand our rights and fulfill our duties.

Please join psychologist and coach Juan Jose Gutierrez to this virtual “Effective Communication Workshop” on August, 13th, 20th and 27th at 7:30pm. The workshop will be in Spanish.

All are invited to participate, admission is free via ZOOM.

Link de acceso:
Meeting ID: 871 9178 5768
Access code: nur

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you want to support the continuous education initiatives that Fundacion Nur provides you can do it through this link:

We hope that you can join us! Thank you!

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