24/7/365 Dental for Expats – 100% FREE 1st Dental Cleaning – 100% FREE Dental Consults 😁💯


Adam answers all your Dental needs via WhatsApp and email seven (7) days per week – never a single day off, nor any holidays, and no delay of longer than usually mere minutes.

Dr. Andres Pacheco (“Dr. No Pain”) is your Master Dentist at the “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” – your first Dental Cleaning is 100% FREE, plus it’s always a 100% FREE Dental Consultation for any Dental need or concern you have (do you know of any other Dentist in Cuenca/Ecuador or anywhere else on Earth who has or provides that ironclad commitment and deal 365 days per year?!).

Dr. No Pain and our Dental Clinic also specializes in serving both Expat Residents and Tourists in Cuenca with their PLANNED Implants, Bridges, Crowns & Veneers, aside from their everyday Dental needs for standard & even EMERGENCY Dental matters like Abscess & Amalgam Removals, Extractions, Fillings, Restorations, Safe Root Canals, Surgeries, Whitenings, etc.  

Send your WhatsApp or Email to the contact information shown in this post and Adam will advise you immediately in getting your Dental issues taken care of, by only perfect English in all WhatsApps and Emails, plus 100% clear voice texts sent to you.

Adam loves being put to the test on behalf of all Expats and their Dental needs, and always gives you downtown Manhattan-like concierge service at never any cost ($0.00) to you for that too!

Simply call or send your message (by Phone/WhatsApp) to +593 98 392 9606 OR by Email to info@findhealthinecuador.com to schedule your above referenced 100% FREE ($0.00) first Dental Cleaning and/or 100% FREE ($0.00) Dental Consultation with “Dr. No Pain” by today!

WhatsApp Adam 24/7/365!: +593 98 392 9606
Email Address
Phones: 098-392-9606 / 07-410-8745 (Ecuador) OR 1-941-227-0114 (USA)
Physical Address: Edificio Medimagen (Second Floor), Av. Pumapungo & Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, Cuenca, Ecuador 010105
Websiteswww.findhealthinecuador.com AND www.dentaltourismecuador.com

Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic



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