A Date with Cosette?


What keeps us inspired in animal welfare is the individuals in our community who step up to help a vulnerable street dog with medical care and fostering. Most shelters in Cuenca including Fundacion FAAN are at capacity and individual support and fostering by citizens combined with adoption campaigns is the best and recommended intervention. Here’s one such dog seeking a loving owner .

If you are looking for a dog that´s still young and playful but old enough to be housebroken and learning commands, I am the perfect fit for you. I am a 5 – 6 month-old girl, weighing 8 pounds, and am believed to grow about 20% more than my current size, which is medium. In a makeshift kennel of a cardboard box outside of a store on Avenida 12 de Abril I was found emaciated and dehydrated, but I quickly recovered to be a curious, energetic dog who is now looking for a forever home and a loving owner or family.

My past trauma doesn´t affect my behavior, I am loving and sweet, and get along very well with people and other dogs. I have had all my shots, am currently receiving medicine for fleas, ticks, and worms, and can be spayed. Like my name-giver Cosette from Les Miserables, who was orphaned and oppressed, I am ready to overcome the abuse I have faced and have hope for a brighter future with someone I can give all my love and affection.

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