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FAAN (Fundación Familia Amor Animal) has several openings for Volunteers to support our mission to make Cuenca known as “The City that Cares about Animal Welfare.”

If you have had any of the following 5 reasons for not volunteering, then volunteering for FAAN is for you.
1)” I don’t want to be sad and will want to take every dog at the shelter home.” Our dogs are so happy you will leave knowing they are loved and you are making a difference.
2) “I am retired, I don’t want to work every day and lose my life.” You can select your hours, days you wish to volunteer with us. We also recognize our volunteers travel. No problem!
3)” I really only want to work on projects that I can add value from my experience. “We need all skill sets (writing, photography, art, business administration, community building, events, construction work, grant writing, media, just to name a few.)
4) “I only want to work from home.” We have many, many virtual job openings and our volunteer coordinator will work with you over zoom or WhatsApp.
5) “I don’t know anyone.” We are a kind and fun- loving community who welcomes newcomers. We also provide thorough onboarding, training and support.
6) I don’t speak Spanish. While we welcome Spanish speakers, many of our volunteers speak English only.
Write us for a volunteer application. FAAN Volunteer Orientation will be help in February at

FAAN Ecuador

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