House-calls in cuenca? Dr. Juan Carlos Cardenas


Hello there! As a dedicated general physician, I specialize in providing comprehensive primary care services within the familiarity of your home environment. My suite of services encompasses:
+ Personalized postoperative care, carefully executed in the comfort of your residence.
+ Accompanying you to vital medical appointments with specialized practitioners.
+ Expert wound treatment methodologies aimed at fostering speedy recovery.
+ Customized care catering to individuals managing chronic ailments or confined to their beds.
+Positioned in Cuenca, Ecuador, I am also fluent in English and French.

If you seek further insights or have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

+ Current fees: $30
+ Appointments available from 6am – 10 pm Monday- Friday
Weekends 9am up to 20pm

Feel free to let your email or contact information for further personalized information.

Dr. Juan Carlos Cárdenas


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