Thinking of Moving to Ecuador? Take this Short Quiz (#58)


1. An Expat decides they must bring their prize-winning Poodle. Ok. How hard/easy will it be to find a groomer?
2. When it comes to Medical Insurance, what choices are there, how much do they cost, and what are the benefits/drawbacks to each?
3. Roughly what percentage of autos have insurance?
4. What interest rate can one expect on a CD at most banks here?
5. There’s a 3000 m2 of land and another of 300 m2. Which is likely to cost more? What about $/m2?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book Mas Despacio 1,000 things to consider before moving to Ecuador for only $9.99.

Stay tuned for more questions in a few days.
(If you’ve read more than 10 of these quizzes, aren’t you even a little curious? It’s only $10 or $20.)

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