Volunteer SuperPowers! You’ve Got Talent!


WOW, do we have some amazing volunteer opportunities at FAAN right now! (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal

Here are just a few ways to unleash your creativity and skills to help our dogs. 1)We have a Santa PAWS party, holiday art show, and Amigos Secretos at La Yunta on December 2nd and 3rd. Have fun PAW-TY planning with us.

2) We have several research-oriented virtual volunteer projects that will enable you to pick the hours you want to work independently or with one of our teams. (Adoption, Education, Prevention, Communications, Shelter Building and Fundraising)

3) Or maybe you want to get physical as a shelter volunteer as we soon begin shelter construction (Experience in all forms of construction, project management, working with and grooming dogs, and volunteer labor). Write us for a FAAN Volunteer Application and let us explore a position or project that taps into your superpowers at info@faanecuador.org. Together we’re making Cuenca known as the “City that Cares” about animal welfare.




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