EFT Tapping for Animals, A free, FAAN Animal Welfare Workshop for Cuenca Pet Owners


August 10th, Thursday at 1 PM, Kolo’s
*Come Early 11:30 AM and have breakfast/lunch at Kolo’s
Luis Cordero 5-65 y Presidente Cordova
EFT Tapping for Animals
Free FAAN Animal Welfare Workshop
In this workshop, you will learn Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) for yourself and for your pets.

EFT is an easy, simple tool that you will learn and then can apply to yourself or your pets to help with a wide variety of issues.

Barking, behavioral challenges, pain, illnesses, fears, separation anxiety, picky eaters, going potty inside, scratching furniture, and pretty much anything you can think of. For yourself, you may be experiencing body pains, fear of heights, fear of speaking, deeply rooted behavioral patterns you just can’t seem to break, weight loss challenges etc….
This workshop will be a hands-on, experiential learning experience.

Please do not bring your live dogs or pets to this class.
Once you learn this simple process you will be able to use the techniques directly on your pets, or with the use of a stuffed toy you may be able to use it on behalf of your pet. And you can finally make the changes in your own life that have seemed so challenging…
We will have some stuffed toys for you to learn and practice with. If you have a stuffed toy (teddy bear, dog, cat, or anything with a head and limbs) please bring it with you.

Please contact us at info@FAANecuador to reserve your spot




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