Free European Cinema


In september, we are back with not only 4 moovies but 8, as we are participating to the festival EuroCiné!

Come discover some francophone original movies with subtitles in Spanish.

Entry is free, 7 PM: We are waiting for you the following days :

• 05th of September 2023: De nos Frères Bléssés (faithful)

• 12th of September 2023: La Page BLanche

• 19th of September 2023: Goliath
• 21st of September 2023: LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG,

• 22nd of September 2023: Gentle (Gentil) Título Original: Szelíd

• 23rd of September 2023: CinéConcert : Trip to the country of fairies.
A show by the French duo Catherine Vincent that brings the magic of the cinema of pioneers Georges Méliès and Lotte Reiniger to the present. An event for children but also for parents who love music and cinema. The fantastic stories and primitive special effects of Méliès, and the delicate cut-out silhouette animation of Reiniger are brought to new life with her narration and voice, and modern rhythms and emotions are added to the sound of her acoustic and electric guitars, tambourine, Indian harmonium and vocals.

• 26th of September 2023: Un Triomphe (El triunfo)

• 27th of September 2023: Kratt

Alianza Francesa de Cuenca

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