“HI EXPAT MAGAZINE invites you to the Exclusive Seminar for Expats in Cuenca: Expert Insights and Essential Tips for a Thriving Life”


Dear Expat Community in Cuenca,
We are thrilled to extend our invitation to an exceptional seminar set to take place in the beautiful city of Cuenca on September 21, 2023 at 16:00 in PIZZO TR3S, located in the Paseo 3 de Noviembre y escalinata Juana de Oro. This exclusive event will be an invaluable opportunity for you to gain insights and knowledge that will enhance your expat experience in Ecuador.
Venue Details:
Our distinguished panel of speakers includes:
1. Attorney Marcos Chiluisa: Founder and CEO of Ecuassist, a leading legal services firm dedicated to expat support. With his extensive expertise and compassionate approach, Marcos will guide you through the crucial aspects of “End Of life Documents. Wills, Medical POA y Affidavit of Remains” ensuring you have the necessary legal foundation.
2. Ing. Paul Wilches: CEO and Founder of Relocation Services of Ecuador with more than 13 year’s experience, our containers relocation session will guide you through the intricacies of moving your possessions to Ecuador. Learn about shipping regulations, customs procedures, and tips for a smooth transition. Make your move hassle-free and focus on embracing your new life.
3. MBA Carlos Ramirez: As the CEO and Founder of Ecuador’s most prestigious insurance representation BLUEBOX, Carlos will delve into the current insurance landscape, recent changes, and essential considerations in light of potential insurance cost increases. Protect your future effectively.
Join us for an enlightening day of knowledge-sharing and community building. Your journey in Ecuador is about to get even better.

Carlos Ramirez



Blue Box

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