I’m Going! Are You?


FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) invites you to join our
“I’m Going! Are You?” to GALA FAAN-TASTICA… Because Cuenca is rocking animal welfare!
Did you hear the news about Cuenca’s new animal hospital?
WOW! It takes each of us and all of us to make Cuenca known as “The City that Cares” about animal welfare including government and private support.

“I’m Going Are You” to Gala FAAN-TASTICA is our way of connecting our animal-loving friends in Cuenca who will be at the Gala for the dogs of FAAN and the building of their new home and sanctuary in Tarqui.

Gala FAAN-TASTICA is certain to be Cuenca’s community’s charity event of the year. So, don’t miss out Cuenca Tribe. This very special event includes:
VIP Champagne hour and open bar all evening, elegant multi-course dinner, four entertainment acts, silent and live auction. music, dancing, and of course, surprises!

Grab your tickets and tables this week and send us a photo of you with or without your favorite pet.
PS: If you want to be a featured auction donor, write us to arrange for a pick-up of your treasure.
All funds from the auction go to the building blocks of the new shelter.
Tickets are $60 or $85 with the VIP Champagne Hour
Write us at info@faanecuador.org

Gala Headquarters:




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