Miracle Healings, Personal + Spiritual Growth


Miracle Healings, Personal + Spiritual Growth

All backgrounds and beliefs welcome

Event Highlights:
• 🌟 Miracle Healings: Real-life stories of broken backs healed, COPD reversed
• Receive miracle healings for any two issues in your life
• 🛤️ Uncover Your Soul’s Path, your soul and lightbody merges with you
• 💓 Heart-Centered Living: Learn to make decisions from the heart to manifest a life of abundance and joy

• 📅 Weekly Sundays except Cuenca holidays 🕥 Time: 10:00 AM
• 📍 Location: Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez

• Event Duration: 1.5 hours, then lunch
• Bring a bottle of water, notebook, pen

$21 or more suggested donation per person, includes event and meal, or $10 to just cover meal and venue’s entry fee.
prepay via http://PayPal.me/JeannieAlvin12345 by Thursday of each week for limited in-person seats
For inquiries, reservations, JEP or zelle payments send payment receipts, email miracleHealings12345@gmail.com

Jeannie Alvin does a remarkable job at her events of articulating the topics that are relevant to the spiritual and healing domains. She also clearly explains how to self-assist in making those specific decisions which will most fulfill you on your path now or going forward. Adam Elliot Altholtz

I really liked it, I felt one Light that wants to light up inside me. The anxiety I constantly felt has gone away! I would like to continue attending, thank you. Soila Zalazar

Supports women’s shelter, Mujeres Con Exito

www.GetYourMiracles.com testimonials, remote healings

Miracle Healings


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