Miracle Healings, Personal + Spiritual Growth


Miracle Healings, Personal + Spiritual Growth

All backgrounds and beliefs welcome

Event Highlights:
• 🌟 Miracle Healings: Real-life stories of broken backs healed, COPD reversed
• Receive miracle healings for any two issues in your life
• 🛤️ Uncover Your Soul’s Path, your soul and lightbody merges with you
• 💓 Heart-Centered Living: Learn to make decisions from the heart to manifest a life of abundance and joy

• 📅 Weekly Sundays except Cuenca holidays 🕥 Time: 10:00 AM
• 📍 Location: Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez

• Event Duration: 1.5 hours, then lunch
• Bring a bottle of water, notebook, pen

$21 or more suggested donation per person, includes event and meal, or $10 to just cover meal and venue’s entry fee.
prepay via http://PayPal.me/JeannieAlvin12345 by Thursday of each week for limited in-person seats
For inquiries, reservations, JEP or zelle payments send payment receipts, email miracleHealings12345@gmail.com

• 🌐 Online simulcast facebook live, on Jeannie Alvin’s pinned post, facebook.com/jeannie.alvin
• 10:00 am short pre-event, event 10:30 am

Apprehensive at first, I attended Jeannie Alvin’s meeting. It was informative and I started following some of her guidelines. During the next week, I started feeling better, as I had been feeling tired and distressed for months. Communicating with the other world beings (universal energies) helped me to ask and express my feelings and physical needs. The next seminar is in 2 weeks. I will be there, for sure.
Kenyon Shultz

Supports women’s shelter, Mujeres Con Exito

www.GetYourMiracles.com testimonials, remote healings

Miracle Healings


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