Upcoming Events and Entertainment at Common Grounds


Mon Feb, 26 th 5pm Extended Bilingual Gringo Bingo
Tue Feb 27 th 6:30 pm “Fun Trivia Night”
Wed Feb, 28 st 12:30 pm Bilingual Gringo Bingo .
Thu Feb, 29 th taco thursday, chx or beef $ 2 each, 2×1 margaritas. 7: 30 pm Fun Karaoke Night !
Note: Common Grounds will be closed for 3 days for Special Event!
Fri March 1st Closeprivate event
Sat March 2nd Close private event
Sun March 3th Close private event
Mon March 4th 5pm Extended Bilingual Gringo Bingo.
Tue March 5th 6:30 pm Fu Trivia Night.
Wed March, 6th 12:30pm “Bilingual Gringo Bingo”
Thu March 7th Taco thursday, chix or beef $2 each, 2×1 margaritas .
Frid March 8th 7:30pm ” Fun Karaoke Night ”
Sat March 9th 7:30pm Live Music ; ” Mercury Band “

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