Yes, You can Get a Ticket to Stay at Home for the Dogs!



1)So, you don’t like to dress up or go out at night
2)You happen to be traveling outside of Ecuador for Saturday’s Gala FAAN-TASTICA or
3) You just love Dogs!

While we will miss you at the PAW-TY of the year, you can still be a part of building a new home for the dogs of Cuenca with your front-row seat to FAAN’S UNGALA GALA!

Here’s the best part: 200% of your ticket donation goes directly toward the building costs of the shelter thanks to a match from our generous and anonymous donor.
Up to $20,000! That’s a Double Dog Dare!

So, get out your jammies and get your tickets to the UNGALA GALA.
Tickets are what you are able to give.
You can also bid on select auction items in FAAN’s Auction Palooza.
Auction Bids are Also Doubled for the new shelter.

It’s Time for us to Get Ready Now.
We look forward to seeing you at the Gala as well as seeing your At Home Pics of you attending the UNGALA GALA. (Your Pets can Paw-ty with you!)







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