Bacon and Booze What Can You Lose?


Bacon and Booze What Can You Lose?
It’s back to the basics time at King Smokehouse. Back to our roots from 8 years ago. Ta Da!! Bacon. Bacon was the beginning of all the wonderful amazing smoked products at King Smokehouse. From our one product has evolved into a very special and unique little shop. The Tienda Gourmet across from Parque San Sebastian. Now, not only our signature Bacon, but our full line of King Smokehouse smoked goodness, Mountain Home Gourmet Mixes and Salsas (and Sauerkraut is almost ready!), and The Cuenca Shop (with fine liquors and wines and all the goodies you can’t find anywhere else). We present your one stop gourmet shop. Quick ad as you don’t want to delay. Thursday only for the excellent bargains on our “booze” and 10% off a lot of King Smokehouse/Mountain Home Gourmet products. Get going TODAY to the Tienda Gourmet. Oh oh oh and Felix has a LOT of ribs ready for YOU right now. Disfrute amigos.

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