BOOK: Intro to Kichwa Language and Culture by a Native English Speaker Living in Otavalo


KICHWA is the official Ecuador version of the Incan Quechua language spoken today by half a million indigenous people. You don’t have to know a word of Spanish to begin enjoying simple social exchanges with the indigenous people of the Andes in their own language. The book relies only on English learning materials.

This book is an extremely rare resource for English-speaking tourists, volunteers and expats who wish to begin communicating with the indigenous people of the Andes in their own Kichwa language. The Kichwa Otavalo people are world-famous for their huge Plaza de Ponchos marketplace and annual Inti Raymi celebration.

I am now offering to ship my paperback Kichwa language instruction book (with audio recording links) to any Servientrega office inside Ecuador. I will add only the actual cost of shipping to the cover price of the book: $35

“GRINGOS LEARN KICHWA: Preparing Native English Speakers to Speak Otavalo: Kichwa – Quichua – Runashimi” also is available on Kindle or paperback through Amazon if you live in another country (dp/B0C8P21W3S).

My book includes: audio recordings by local native Kichwa speakers; basic introduction to Kichwa grammar; an 800-word Kichwa-English dictionary; essential social greetings and phrases; introduction to key cultural differences; links to the greatest Kichwa Otavalo musicians; and links to additional Kichwa-learning resources in English.

I am a retired New York educator who has lived in the homes of Kichwa-speaking indigenous families in their rural communities of Imbabura since 2017 with the main goal of learning to speak their language.

Gringos Learn Kichwa

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